10 predictions for SEO and web design

11 July 2017

Slowly but surely, the world is moving into a digitalized and online-only era. We will soon not only stop using printed advertising and reliance on paper, but forget that we ever did so in the past.

More and more businesses are turning to online-only strategies to promote eco-friendliness and create cost-efficient campaigns. There is no better time to take a look at some of the trends and possibilities that will lay the foundation for SEO and web marketing in the upcoming year.

Mobile-only marketing

If you’ve been in the marketing business for the last few years, you have been witness to the rising popularity of mobile-friendly platforms.

This trend will not only take firm hold in 2017, but overthrow the classic web-based marketing that we are accustomed to on our desktop computers and laptops.

More and more people base their entire work and way of living on their smartphones, tablets, and gadgets. It’s easy to see why companies and businesses would turn to developing mobile-only applications, advertisement campaigns, and platforms that are SEO friendly on mobile.

Content marketing will become dominant

We all know how powerful content marketing can be when applied properly. With the surge of so many different offers, sources, businesses and “dreams come true”, people have become more careful about choosing who to trust.

Content marketing is the best way to approach a new or existing client and establish a good relationship that benefits both sides. In the age where everything is available with the push of a button, people will go back to relying on plain old word-of-mouth and put trust into content marketing more than any other form of advertising.

Short content over long content

People have not only short attention spans, but are also far less likely to trust you if you need three pages to state one simple fact. Google knows this, and that is why SEO will be moving towards shorter, more relevant content, rather than multi-page content that has numerous ads and popups clogging up the page.

Writing shorter and more direct content that respects the reader will gain far better ranking. While there are instances where using short content doesn’t work for what you’re trying to say, giving people clear calls to action and incentives to “come take a look” will yield far better results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) will evolve even further

As the only method that works for most online businesses, PPC has become the industry standard for online marketing. Google has developed a new algorithm for their Adwords tool that allows users to discover which keywords will suit them best.

Their SEO has become not only more evolved, but smart by itself and capable of determining when something is spam content and what is relevant to the entered search query.

Businesses that want to develop and thrive on Google’s search platform will rely even more on these keywords and learn how to use them in clever ways. It will become harder to create click-bait content and we will see more and more quality on the web thanks to the evolution of PPC.

Voice search will become more relevant than ever

Like any new technology or gimmick, we were fast to overlook Google’s new voice search technology. While the applications are obvious and benefit anyone who is unable to type what they are looking for, voice search will now go further than that.

Photo credits: Johan Larsson

Everyone around the world is busier by the minute, and we quickly find ourselves in a situation where we don’t even have time to stop and type our request.

Google will continue developing and implementing voice technology into every tool they own, forcing businesses to adapt to new changes. SEO will become different, not more difficult, in a way that will allow marketing experts to optimize their platforms and allow voice search to boost their ranking.

With the world so fast and unstoppable in its development, we may even lose the application of a dedicated smartphone keyboard sometime down the line.

The customer will matter more than ever

While it’s true that we create content for our customers, new trends show us that this way of thinking is quickly evolving. Businesses will have to create personalized content tailored to their users’ specific needs in order to remain relevant on the market.

Apple has the right idea when it comes to developing their devices – they are created for the customers, not for the revenue. The revenue is just a side effect of a smart business strategy.

In order to become and stay relevant, it will be important to listen to your customers. Dedicated platforms that allow direct communication and community-based content management will become a thing of the norm.

Taking a look at the list of top writing services will give you a good idea into what’s trending when it comes to reader satisfaction. It’s not just about the professional relationship anymore – companies will have to open their doors slightly more to their followers if they want to stay competitive on the market.

Keywords will slowly become less relevant

With the evolution of PPC, keywords will play a lesser role than before, due to the fact that Google’s search algorithm has evolved past them. It is now smart enough to differentiate carefully placed keywords from relevant content that a user is searching for.

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For SEO and web-based marketing, quality content will mean up-to-date information, detailed and structured content that delivers value and satisfaction to the customer, and strong technical optimization.

We’ll no longer have content that revolves around ad riddled websites that bait people in order to gain that little piece of revenue without giving any value back. The term “keyword” will simply be replaced by “pay-per-click” and we will structure and deliver our content in a slightly modified way.

This will mean new opportunities for content marketing and SEO professionals that want more liberty and creativity rather than dry keyword optimization that serves no one in the long run.

Native advertising will become dominant

We’ve all seen modern examples of native advertising – it’s so clever and well-made that half the time you don’t even notice it. What native advertising is doing best is blending in with the content it’s trying to monetize.

Web marketing experts will agree that native ads bring not only larger reach but also manage to convert more users. This is not because the product is so good it’s impossible to pass up, but because it doesn’t force anything on the user.

SEO has evolved to the point where it automatically dismisses ad riddled pages because these are almost always there just to get a few PPC down before being detected and taken down. If we want to reach a mutually beneficial relationship with our followers, we will have to utilize native advertising in smart and intuitive ways.

Social media will become the industry standard

While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar social media services have implemented modern and trending advertisement strategies for as long as they exist, they have also provided us with a huge benefit.

These social media services allow us to reach unimaginable new customer bases and gain followers and word-of-mouth with very little, or no investment.

Web marketing will continue to evolve and revolve around these services, allowing not only the owners but third-party businesses to spread their campaigns and ads to ensure a maximum impact on their audience. In some cases, it might even be smart to base your entire business on social media alone. There is no better way to spread the word around than to use the trendiest services on the internet that everyone on the planet has access to and uses on a daily basis.

Building content with consistent engagement

When creating content, we rarely think about its long term applications. The world is moving and changing so rapidly that we are caught up in today’s events so much we don’t think about tomorrow for a second.

When it comes to SEO and current developments, more and more consistently engaged content gets a better ranking than “news of the day” articles. People like relevant information, but even more, they like information that stays relevant for months if not years after the content has been published.

Content that stays relevant over long periods of time and gets constant hits will be detected as important and trend much better than content which relies on momentary flashes of interest. Web marketing experts will have to take this fact into account when developing their business strategies because it will not only help their rankings but also spread word-of-mouth much better.

In conclusion

With the internet, SEO and web-based marketing evolving by the day, it’s hard to imagine all the exciting new technologies and opportunities that are coming our way. Using some of these trends and SEO developments will surely give you an advantage over your competitors in reaching a wider audience and making an impact.

These developments are always changing and becoming more or less relevant, so following up on any new trend is just as important as implementing it in the first place.


The author of  the article: Mariya Polyakh


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