10 apps that make it easy to create content for the web

25 November 2015

Creating an attractive content today is simply a necessity.

In this article, we consider only the best tools for the production of high-quality content for mobile platforms.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most versatile tools for content marketing. You can access Evernote from your computer, tablet, phone and everything is synchronized automatically.

You can use Evernote, to monitor the progress of the project, initiate studies for the development strategy of the blog and edit content from any device.

Create an account on our website:

  1. Word2CleanHTML

If you prefer to create content beyond your CMS, such as Word or Google Docs, you probably noticed that the copy of that content to publish frequently creates formatting errors.

Word2CleanHTML eliminates this problem and generates pure HTML code that you can now copy and paste into your editor CMS.

This tool is available at:

  1. Canva

This free tool makes it easy to create high-quality images in a matter of seconds, without any technical skills.

The program has templates for different types of messages, make sure that your images look great on all devices.

Sign up online:

  1. Meme Generator

Memes a very popular type of content in social media, and creating at the same time very simple.

If you have not heard of such a term, be sure to check on one of the most popular free tools: memegenerator.net

  1. ThingLink

ThingLink allows you to make the image more interactive, leaving marks on them with links.

After editing images in ThingLink, you can easily share them on social networks or embed in blogs.

Preview of the tool, please visit:

  1. Google Fonts

Google has a more than 600 free fonts available for download!

Because they do have what to choose.

Use and diversify their typography on:

  1. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a great alternative program Slideshare and PowerPoint.

It allows you to create beautiful, but simple presentation in a very short time. You can use the program on your computer or tablet.

For more information:

  1. PlaceIt

PlaceIt is another useful tool that allows you to place an image of your site or product in the appropriate environments photos (mockup-ah), to make them more powerful for a portfolio or a presentation.

The program will automatically edit the image in accordance with a photo, which you put into it, so you do not have to worry about the technical aspects.

Try out the application on our website:

  1. Wordle

Wordle allows you to create text clouds that add a unique visual element of any of the content.

You can create a cloud of words in vertiklnom and horizontally (like a crossword puzzle), by copying and pasting text, or by adding the URL to the page.

The official website of the program: www.wordle.net

  1. Resize.it

Sometimes you just need to resize the image without making any major changes.

Resize.it is the perfect tool to quickly change the image size, so that it looks better on all mobile devices.

You do not even need to open a photo editor. Everything is done in 3 easy steps.

Come and try on:


All articulated above tools will help you in various stages of content production.

If not on the list of your favorite software, then share with them in the comments.

Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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