10 Working Marketing Techniques How to Increase Profits in 2016?

13 January 2016

With each new year brings new opportunities.

This article will be useful to you if you're a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, marketer or just a freelancer who is interested in increase of revenues in 2016.

The following are 10 proven marketing solutions after implementation of which you will notice a positive difference in business and in personal life.



1. Focus on retaining existing customers

Every business wants more loyal and paying customers, but we also know that it is much cheaper to maintain existing customers and to conclude with them repeat business than to invest time and money into advertising and attraction of new contacts.

Always maintain and pay attention to existing customers who once trusted you. Make them feel united team and significance.

Become good friends! During the warm and friendly attitude you will get a double reward in the future.



2. Work towards the establishment of loyal customers (fans of the brand)

This trend goes hand in hand with customer retention and repeat business, but goes much deeper.

Imagine that you can get from clients, fully committed to your brand. They will talk about your company, products, services, all my friends, family and colleagues. They will be proud to be part of your story.

In the world there is no better marketing than the personal recommendation of friends or relatives.

But this attitude and dedication you need to earn. Work on it!



3. Focus on attracting new customers




Once you have developed a strategy for retaining customers and supporters of the brand, you can draw attention to attracting new customers.

Expand your marketing, try new channels to attract social networks, YouTube, Vimeo, and pay attention to popular start-ups and technology in your field, and use them for the benefit of business.



4. Don't ignore what already works well ...

In an effort to be progressive, many companies are at risk of losing what they have built over many years.

Do not give up proven and current techniques to attract customers.

For example, E-mail marketing and advertising on Facebook is great work, even in the 2016th.


5. ... but don't be afraid to try new strategy

If you want to increase the annual income, your marketing and advertising budget should also grow annually.

It makes sense to spend more on proven strategies and promotion channels, but also delay the funds and invest them in the testing of new marketing channels



6. Find areas in your business where you can cut costs



Constantly developing new technologies and marketing tools, searches for alternative suppliers of logistics workers.

Held quarterly market survey of new trends and competitor activity to be able to sell the same goods at lower prices, thus increasing the total turnover and customer base.



7. Try partnership

Look for partners among non-competing businesses that share your target audience and get the most advantageous conditions for you to pack.

For example, a restaurant, a cinema, and the therapist can become partners and work "under one roof" together to offer their services at a discount, for dinner, a movie or a massage.

These three partners could share the costs of marketing and the whole triple stream of customers in your business.



8. Delegate whenever possible

You should be free to work on your business and develop it.

Delegate tasks to employees based on their competence, give part of the work is outsourced to contractors, such as writing articles for your blog, website maintenance, processing and ads placed orders.

The more you can break free from the routine work and devote themselves to the development of the business, the more quickly understand your true business objectives for the coming months and years.



9. Learn analyst or find someone who understands it

Many small businesses today still do not use analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

How can you know what works best in marketing strategy and what you need to invest more money if you do not see the main indicators in numbers and the impact of the advertising campaigns?

If you do not have the time or desire to study the analyst, delegate this task to the skilled artisan.



10. Calculate all possible risks

If you really want to develop its business and to continually increase profits, you have to take risks.

Risk must be calculated, no doubt, and not all will work out - but if you do not take risks and to try the unknown, your business will stagnate.



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Article by: Alexander Nadtochy

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