10 Google Chrome extensions to improve your social media marketing

29 February 2016

Social media marketing is a great way to talk about your brand or a new product to its target audience quickly noticed.

If done correctly, the results can be amazing.

Here are 10 extensions for Google Chrome, which will simplify the life of a social media marketer:


1. DrumUp


Drum Up is a great tool for improving the efficiency of social media.

The application is extremely useful for research and content curation, and offers articles related to those which you are reading now.

It shows 10 relevant and related articles that help in finding a new useful content.

It also allows you to quickly locate content across multiple social networking accounts in a few minutes.


2. Giphy


For high-quality visual design post it is simply not enough time to create your own effects or scour through the internet pictures.

GIF-animation ideal for creating fast and efficient visual post.

They are great to hold and capture the audience's attention.

Giphy Extension for Google Chrome gives you access to thousands of memes, from the most popular and trendy.

Giphy organizes GIF-ki in different categories to facilitate the search for you.

It has a search bar that will help you find the right meme.


3. RiteTag


RiteTag is a social media tool.

He paid, but it comes with a free 7-day access.

Chrome Extension works at 14 sites, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Once it is integrated, all you have to do is click on "Auto Enhance" when creating a post on social media, and it will take you to a separate window with the configuration options.

RiteTag offers a selection of images, hashtags, emoticons and memes touch of a button.

In addition, there is a special coach who lets you know how you can improve your position and analyzes hashtags to see which ones podoydui you best.


4. Grammarly


Grammarly can be of great help for marketers when they do everything in a hurry.

Expansion detects and corrects more than 250 types of grammatical errors, even if you write an email or anywhere on the Internet. Detects errors in grammar or vocabulary words and offers to make sure that you pass the point is that actually mean.

Grammarly ensures that even the smallest of grammatical errors are corrected.


5. OneTab


As a social media manager, you usually have a lot of tabs open in the browser - whether it's social media sites, or sites to gather information.

Keeping track of all open tabs can be difficult and often frustrating.

OneTab is an extension of Chrome, which retains all references to the list of open tabs for later viewing. Then you can go through the list at a convenient time and open one tab, or all at once.

OneTab also allows you to share these lists with your colleagues to easily collect information.

This expansion is also a good way to save memory and reduce the load on the CPU.


6. LastPass


Social media managers have many accounts on different sites.

To work and to remember login details for each site and the client - it can be tedious.

LastPass allows you to save all your passwords in one place. All you have to remember your master password for your LastPass account and all.

You can also save your credit card information, market profiles, images, text, audio, and more to your accounts.

You can search, edit, and delete any of your accounts in LastPass, at any time.

You can sync your extensions across multiple devices to keep your data safe and make them available from anywhere in the world.


7. Riffle


Rifle is a powerful tool for Twitter.

The expansion allows you to connect to the community and show smart analytics about users. This will help you to find your target audience among the community.

This extension can be a valuable asset for most managers of social networks, which are trying to increase audience reach or find out, whereby certain pages grow and develop faster than others.


8. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast


Screenshots are very useful for social media managers.

They can be used to select the desired items, and easily share information.

Nimbus Extension allows users to quickly make screenshots.

You can take a screenshot of the entire page or a certain part of the page, edit it, and even record videos.

extensions editing interface is very user-friendly and comes with a range of tools and features that allows you to highlight and share just what you want.


9. Be Limitless


The biggest problem with most social media management - time management.

The expansion replaces the new page with the page containing the statistics on how much time you spent on each site. It also has a notebook that helps keep track of your to-do lists, reminders and countdown.


10. Check My Links

Most of the social media marketing is aimed at getting people to buy your product / service.

This means that you need to have a sufficient number of back links and make sure they all work fine.

If you can not check all the links separately, you will need to use the Check My Links.

This Chrome extension checks all links on your page to make sure that they work.



Using even a few of the above Google Chrome extensions, you'll be able to improve the efficiency of their work and all social media marketing department in your company.


Article by: Alexander Nadtochy

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