10 Ways to Influence Your Target Audience

16 October 2015


To gain power over man enough to subdue his weakness.


10 способов влиять на целевую аудиторию1. Hypothesis gain

Any uncertainty felt by others. So if you want someone in something persuade, you yourself have to believe in yourself, your business, your product, and so on. D. The more confidence will be in the voice, gestures, facial expressions, the more confidence you will win the public.

2. The theory of transformation

This may seem strange, but the minority has a strong impact on the bulk of the group subject to the availability of solid and confident position. It is often the majority of people join simply for lack of alternatives, or because it's easier.

3. The theory of information manipulation

According to this theory, in violation of any of the 4 standards of correct communication, it is possible to influence the audience. The standards are as follows:

  • the information to be transmitted easily understood manner;
  • it should be full and complete;
  • truthful and accurate;
  • relevant topic of conversation.

4. Information eyeliner

You are free to come to the desired interlocutor thought, weaving it into its appropriate word. That is to say, to bring him to the right decision or conclusion. In one sentence said "service", in the other - "check", the third "finance".By the end of the conversation the interlocutor should have at least a vague desire to commission an audit.
Of course, all this must be veiled - the keywords you use in other contexts, such as "I have a great service," "we had Petrov check for lice".

5. The norm of reciprocity

The scheme is simple and works great. Provide the necessary service to you the person (group of people), to make it a pleasant breeze and can count on his help.

10 способов влиять на целевую аудиторию6. Principle deficit

It is used widely and rightly so. We hurry to buy at the best price, because "tomorrow will be more expensive," or want that product, because "there were 3 pieces" (and hence, it is good, if you look) or only today "with the purchase of one unit of the second - in gift".
Even the phrase in supermarkets - "promotional merchandise is released in an amount of not more than 5 units to hand" - written for a reason.

7. The effect of sleep
On Web sites, in some forms of registration, in the "Subscribe" on the other hand is already ticking "No". It is one embodiment of the use of the above effect. When the user (in this case) knows that it is not trying to induce something, something imposing, he is more likely to subscribe to our newsletter. Well, in general, when a person sees that he is not trying in some way to convince itself over time it takes the position / idea in question in a conversation / letter, etc.

8. Isolation of consciousness

"You either buy our business course, or continue to lose thousands of dollars a month." It sounds like the best course - the only, if not the country, in the city. That this is the challenge - to submit a proposal as if there is no alternative.

10 способов влиять на целевую аудиторию9. Altercasting

You like to give a person a certain social role, which he will follow - in part from the fact that this role is flattering, partly from the fact that the person is prone to sequence. For example: "You, as an experienced accountant, you know that a new version of the program several times more effective than the previous"; "Taxi to good people."

10. The sudden denial

The method is quite risky, but not beaten, and therefore has the potential to work. The algorithm operation is as follows:

  • We do a certain statement
  • him - one more in the same vein,
  • followed by the third - the complete opposite of the first two.

For example: "Do you love the sea? We adore it, too! But we offer a fabulous tour of Bukovel in winter! "


I saw only one person who has not been immune to the opinions of others, but he was stone.


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