11 free tools to improve the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing

18 January 2016

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to retain customers and grow your business online.

There are a large number of free online tools, using which you will improve your Email-Campaign at times.

Presents a selection of 11 useful tools:



Foundation for Emails


This is a program with which you can set the CSS-styles for your Email-mails that they easy to read on any, including mobile device.

The program offers templates for e-commerce, e-mails, newsletters, corporate transactional emails and more.

Details of the link:



Email Spam Test


This tool helps you determine whether your delivery is marked and e-mail as spam.

You'll get results based with the subject line, HTML source, simple text content and link analysis.

Check your email for spam:


Email Spam Checker

It allows you to quickly determine the quality of e-mail messages, a test on a scale from 0 (poor) to 100 (excellent).

To check messages for spam, simply copy and paste the text and click the "Check the message."

Check now:



Sender Score


It is an indicator of the reliability of IP-addresses of e-mail sender e-mail providers and used to determine the filter criteria.

Check your account of the sender and to learn more about e-mail filtering.

To view, go to:




Pictaculous is an online generator color palette.

It is a useful tool if you have an image that you want to use, and you need to find him an appropriate color palette.

Pokreativnichayte with a palette of colors here:


Google Analytics URL Builder


Use the Google Analytics URL Builder, you can note the URL-address of the individual E-mail campaigns, user variables.

Then track exactly which letters create the most traffic and conversion.

For details, see the following link:





Freepik is a search engine for free vector images.

If you need images for Email-mailing the Freepik it is an excellent resource to find free vector, PSD-files, pictures or icons.

Start looking for free vectors here:






Streak is a tool for managing subscribers to your email.

Traceability E-mail newsletters, plan to send messages, and much more.

Streak is a paid product, but it offers free access to 200 letters a month tracked.

Try the app in your job:





Pixabay is another source of free images and videos for commercial use.

The site has more than 530 000 photos, vector graphics, illustrations and videos.

Start searching excellent and Free images:



GNU Mailman


Free tool to manage the list address.

It allows you to create and manage mailing lists with files, detect failures, to produce anti-spam, and more.

The application is available via the link:





It is a tool for creating custom and adaptive HTML messages without using the code.

Customize the layout and you can view the changes in the preview.

Identify the features for mobile devices, show / hide elements, image enhancement and more.

Try the app in action at the link below:





It is not necessary to use all the above online tools in practice, choose for themselves the most necessary and effective.

And it will improve your newsletter every day!


P.S. But do not forget about the tenacious and brilliant titles for your letters and their contents.

Title forces to open and read the letter, and the content within it should be interesting, and gradually guide the user to the target action (conversion).

Paid to the quality and usefulness of the content of writing full attention and write only the most valuable for your audience.


Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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