14 Online Tools Used by Western Companies to Improve Teamwork Efficiency

23 November 2015

In this article we look at 14 online tools that are used every day by leading Western companies to improve the efficiency of the team.

1. Trello

One of the most popular online managers.

Trello allows you to create project tasks, monitor their implementation on a calendar schedule, attachments, comments, mark tasks necessary color, create any number of projects, and add participants.

To start, go to - trello.com

2. Streak (CRM for Gmail)

Streak is CRM plugin for Gmail address.

It's not really a tool for content creation, but its capabilities can greatly assist in the work.

The plugin is a small bar in the mail Gmail and has 2 main areas:

  •     Panel sales (you can use this area to see the prospects in the sales funnel, for instance, at a certain stage of the funnel, you can send potential customers to the most relevant content, which in the end will improve% conversion)
  •     The panel support (you can select specific questions of technical support, to get ideas for the future of content creation and solving common questions clients)

Add CRM extension to your Gmail on the official site — www.streak.com

3. Basecamp

Basecamp - it is more functional online manager than Trello, which is designed to manage very large projects, multiple tasks and great team.

Basecamp is one of the leading project management application in the world, in an "all in one".

A huge number of projects and tasks can be clearly considered a "bird's-eye" and thus to control the entire workflow.

Register at the official website — basecamp.com

4. MindMeister

One of the most popular in the world of online tools for creating schematic smart cards (mind maps).

It can help you to visualize the structure of the future of the project and a plan for its implementation.

Free registration on the official website — www.mindmeister.com

5. A web whiteboard

The tool is a Web-white board on which several people can simultaneously draw diagrams, plans and create graphic content on the team.

It is possible to send invitations to other participants in the project and create together in a single online whiteboard. It is comfortable and modern.

Register and use this simple and effective tool when working in a team or in a meeting with the clients for the visual presentation of complex things — awwapp.com

6. Google Docs

Online alternative to the usual for all of the program Microsoft Word.

The main advantages of Google Docs compared to off-line counterpart in the fact that several people can simultaneously view and edit the same document online.

For files created in Google Docs can share the link, or limit it to certain people.

This service is available to all account holders on Gmail.

Register your mail and use with pleasure — docs.google.com

7. Red Pen

A useful online tool for editing content on the team.

It is intended for taking notes and commenting graphic files.

You must upload an image to the site, click in the right place, and then in the open window to enter a note or a note on the document. Comments can be hidden or vice versa deploy.

Available add multiple people to a single project. Next to each comment will be written the name of who left it.

Enjoy! There is a free demo access for 14 days — redpen.io

8. GoVisually

A more advanced version for editing and taking notes on a graphic touch.

There is a function to comment on earlier left a note and all of them will remain in history until the issue is resolved.

You can also attach images, add shapes, and invite an unlimited number of participants in the project.

Registration is available onlinegovisually.com

9. SamePage

A tool that solves the problem of structuring all the materials to create complex content.

A visual schedule project SamePage allows you to save all the important project information on a single page.

You can download files and access them in the left sidebar.

You can invite any number of participants for discussion in the group, select who can post comments.

Try! Free demo registration site — www.samepage.io/demo

10. Slack

If you still have not heard of Slack, you lose a lot in the age of information technology.

Slack is designed to improve communication between staff and all departments in the company.

When you create a group, you can create Slack # hashtags, on which you can find a particular chat room for the project. All members of the project will be notified when you add a new comment.

Create private chat rooms that will be available only to a specific group of people in the company.

Also, you can quickly attach and comment files.

Slack is a very useful tool for group discussions on the project, in which everyone can make a personal contribution.

Start using Slack in his work today. There is a free version.

You can register at
 — slack.com

11. Skype

I think that Skype is known to all, who are more or less using the Internet.

The effectiveness of this tool in terms of video calls, video conferences and creation of group chats and instant messaging is difficult to underestimate.

Skype - it must have today for anyone who communicates on the network.

It does not need much explanation.

Download and use — www.skype.com

12. Google Hangouts

An alternative to Skype at work in a web browser.

You can send an invitation to all who have e-mail Gmail, so join the service Google Hangouts is not difficult.

Just like on Skype, there is a mobile application for Google Hangouts, can communicate with the phone or tablet.

Use group video chats, conference to create and save your time.

This tool is definitely worthy of your attention — hangouts.google.com

13. Dropbox

It's a wonderful tool for the cloud to store your files and their backups.

You can set up automatic synchronization with your PC and other devices.

Use your files and edit them where you are comfortable at work with a laptop or on a bench with your phone.

You can provide shared access to files, and share content with other participants in the project.

Create your free account now to — www.dropbox.com

14. Google Drive

After the success of the project Dropbox, many companies have begun to develop in the field of cloud file storage.

Google has created a market leader in cloud storage files - Google Drive.

The great advantage of the service is that it works from a single mail Gmail and all who have a post on Google, can use Google Drive for free.

Upload and store files in any format, share with other users.

To familiarize with the service, please visit — www.google.com/drive/


Using the above proposed tools to create projects and teamwork. The results did not take long to wait.

It is not necessary to use all these 14 tools, but without some of them you will be "like a fish out of water."

In the comments to this article, write, what tools do you use personally when working in a team?

Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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