5 reasons why it is beneficial to use the automatic publication service

30 August 2017

Today we will talk about how to save your life from the difficulties and save at least 2 hours a day.
Such an important period as solving issues with real estate takes 60% of free time. And it does not matter whether you sell or buy. It's always a long time. But this time can be spent on something more pleasant and productive.
In such cases it is necessary to say "thanks" to the technical progress, thanks to which the operations that used to take a lot of time are reduced to 3 minutes of work.
The service of automatic publication is a convenient method of submitting ads to the most popular sites, which takes a minimum of time and gives the maximum result.
But what exactly makes our life easier when using the automatic publishing service?

1. Save time

With each passing day, more and more quality sites are becoming available, to which you can submit ads in order to get a positive result.
But the only drawback of the vast assortment is routine in filling. Everywhere you need to register, confirm mail, fill out an ad and follow it on each site separately. Taking into account that now there are at least 17 successful sites for placing ads, and for placement you need at least 10 minutes, it goes 170 minutes (almost 3 hours).
Who in the modern world has so much time? No one.
That's where the service of automatic publication of ads comes to the rescue. You register only once, fill out a single form and spend 10 minutes instead of 3 hours.

2.Filling accuracy

When you fill out the form for the ad already on the 10th site, the attention begins to fall. Wrong words, numbers, numbers and so on are written. Man by nature can not concentrate attention for a long time without losing the quality of the work done.
Other thing, when you need to fill only 1 time. And then everything is simpler. The text is written easier, the numbers are entered accurately and the photos are added one-time. In this situation, the probability of error is reduced by 17 times.

3. Full list of required sites

Taking the issue of real estate as an example, we can say that this is not a common question for all people. And many are faced with the problem: where to publish? Which site has already proved to be useful and which one is not?
There are people who have long answered this question and are constantly following trends. You no longer need to search and evaluate thousands of sites to choose the best. All of them are focused on special services that provide the opportunity to publish at one time at all leading sites.

4. Reporting

After the announcement is published, you can immediately see the success and rating on each of the sites on which it appeared. Do not need to receive one hundred messages with each of the ads from all sites. There is a centralized statistics, in which it is very easy to understand and trace the trend of viewing the ad.

5. Ease of use

Automatic publishing services are created for people. Their main goal is to facilitate complex tasks. Simplicity of using the service is the most important part when creating.
In most cases, the essence of the use of services is explained in 3 pictures with a short description. And this is quite enough. Thanks to the intuitive structure of the service, you do not need to understand for a long time where and what to choose.

Each of the above items solves one user problem that was previously.

Now comes the age of complete automation of processes. Previously, there were newspapers for the advertisements, then a lot of sites appeared, and now - the services of automated publications. They free people from unnecessary waste of time for monotonous work.

The author of the article: Polyakh Mariya

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