5 examples of engaging native ads for Gen Z

6 July 2017

5 examples of exciting native advertising for the Z generation

I suggest starting with a light educational program.

Generation Z are guys born since 2000 (some sources give later dates, but this is average). Young people who live from birth in the world of globalization and digital technologies. Bright characteristics: the interest in science and technology, art, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the need for active self-expression. And on purchases spend 600 billion dollars a year. Like this.

Native advertising is advertising, which takes a completely natural look on the platform on which it is located. Such an evolved banner advertising.

Malia Keirsey, a young web designer, marketer and blogger, spoke about modern and accurate advertising for the new generation of Z.

  1. Socially responsible brand (Toms Shoes)

A great example of advertising is focusing not on products or services, but on social responsibility.

The history of the Toms Shoes brand is as follows.

Blake Mikoschi and his sister, after traveling to Argentina, made two main conclusions: the children of poor families who live in this country are mostly barefoot and local "Alpagatas" shoes are simply unbelievable.

Upon returning to California, Blake began producing Alpardas with the use of the business model of "couple-for-pair", the meaning of which is that selling a pair of shoes, the second was sent free to poor children.

 After a successful launch of the brand, the product line has expanded, but the original business model "steam-for-pair" has remained.


  1. Brands who have made a long journey side by side with humor and irony (The Dollar Shave Club)

After the founding of The Dollar Shave Club by Michael Durbin and Mark Levine, it came to the mind of an incredible idea: what if, after joining the club, men will receive razors every month by mail?

To structure their idea, Michael and Mark recorded the video with all the benefits of this service and put it on the net. The success was incredible: for 4 months, 4,75 million views were gathered. And this figure continued to grow rapidly.

This is a wonderful non-standard example of native advertising in order to attract attention not only to constant conversations about your product.


  1. Brand as a mascot (Geico)

Buying insurance - it is boring, but obligatory fcknction. As a rule, people try to buy online cheaper.

Geico decided to make the insurance more interesting and fun through the creation of the "Talisman" hero, who goes on a journey.

Strange humor and cute appearance continue to collect subscribers in all major social networks - Facebook and Twitter, as well as TV ads. This method of advertising makes the brand recognizable and builds the relationship between the brand and the client.

Geico Gecko does not tell directly about the insurance company, its purpose - so that the name of the brand has always been on the ears.


  1. Бренды могут вдохновлять (Foundr)

By making the decision to create an online signature magazine Foundr created in 2013, Nathan Chan perfectly understood all the possible risks. The target audience of the magazine is young entrepreneurs who need support at the beginning of their journey.

The fact that ordinary advertising does not help him in this endeavor was absolutely clear. He then decided to promote his brand through social networks, namely Instagram. He did not directly sell his subscriptions. His goal was to increase the subscribers of the page, on which he repeated several times a day posting motivational throws for beginner entrepreneurs and selected the corresponding pictures. His goal was to support and motivate start-up entrepreneurs and today Foundr has a tremendous success.

The result is impressive. In the course of three months, 10 thousand were gathered. Page subscribers. Later, Nathan began to carefully submit a subscription to his journal for reposts and for winning contests.

Foundr has become the largest online magazine and can now find it on all sorts of channels and platforms.


Wise words from game changer Steve Jobs via @businessinsider

Допис, поширений Young Entrepreneur Magazine (@foundr)

  1. Brand and documentaries (Gillette)

Stories are always interesting, they are real or fictitious. But brands that choose to go this way must take into account some of the points: stories should be of interest to their target audience, and stories must in some way relate to the product that is being released.

Gillette in this sense did a brilliant job. They shot short documentaries that are not directly related to the product.

One example is: a survey of young girls in the street and experts. Question: "What kills kisses?" (The question is very interesting and it can be interpreted for different platforms).

One of the most important reasons why it's getting less and more kisses in America is the unpleasant sensations of that bristle that many men have.

It is not difficult to guess that after this video, most guys decide to shave.


And, at the end, the main thing that should be remembered when working with modern youth:

1. Direct advertisements annoy them
2. To attract their attention - you need to get interested and cheer up
3. The younger generation is ready to rely on the opinions of experts, even strangers
4. These are experienced buyers who require an appropriate relationship

The author of the article: Mariya Polyakh


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