5 tips for concentration that will help you tune in to work

29 January 2016

All of us in the course of the working day distracted by any third-party items.

Ability to read a new letter on e-mail or receive a call from an old friend.

Naturally the focus on the most important problems in an instant fall and they must wait a few minutes or hours.

So how do you quickly set to work after you distracted and increase your productivity?

Consider the 5 tips that today you can try out for yourself.

Listen to music (put the headphones and listen to the sounds of nature, classical music or a favorite song).

Music soothes and helps to drown out all the fuss is happening around. After a few minutes you will be able to plunge into productive workflow.

Change the environment where you will not be distracted

A remarkable solution is to retire to a quiet comfortable place to work and listen to soothing music. Increased concentrations provided to you.

Use the technique «Pomodoro»

This technique involves breaking the working time of 25 minute periods, with short breaks.
During the work concentrated for 25 minutes you need to close the e-mail, chat rooms all the windows, clean sound on the phone and just do the task.

Make To-Do list

Plan the evening or in the morning before the working day of the most basic tasks that must be performed first.

When all of your tasks for the day will be in front of the eyes, arranged by time and priority, it is much easier to work.

Step away from the computer

When you feel emotional overdrive, move away from the computer for a while and grab a notebook.

Take time to plan the next week, drink a glass of water, kneaded.

Good luck and great concentration! ;)

Article by: Alexander Nadtochy

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