5 ways to increase the loyalty of online store customers

10 February 2016

In this article you'll learn a few ways to increase customer loyalty and trust.

You can delve deeper into the subconscious of the target audience, demonstrating how the products are made, from which they are made and under what conditions are stored.

The company "Zappos" was one of the first that made it to the highest level. Currently, they have removed hundreds of video-based responses to calls to customer support.

Do not be lazy, and instead of the usual response by e-mail, remove the 5 minute video clip with the answer and the expert opinion in the industry. People will be happy to watch it and advise others to your store. The costs of the video will be compensated in the future.

Featuring maximum transparency of its business, demonstrating the experience of experts and appreciating each customer's question, you can bring your online shop to a whole new level.

We offer you 5 ways of personal interaction with the target audience through an online platform.


Show them how to make your products


Remove video from an expert. Tell us about the materials and every stage of production of the commodity. Use videos, illustrations and simple words to people.

Retroplanet.com company shows the equipment used for the production of a wide range of wall stickers.



Share real stories


Eric Bandholz, companies face Beardbrand, got a great loyalty from visitors when explained how he and his wife were trying to have a baby.

He then explained how a baby became a huge motivation for the development of the company.



Share staff accomplishments


If an employee has achieved something significant, even if it has nothing to do with what you are selling - please let me know about it all around.

Maybe he ran a marathon or a master's degree, so tell the world about it.


Show yourself with a fun and funny side


To celebrate the National Day of Hot Dog, RetroPlanet.com company gathered a large picnic and make a great photo report.

Visitors to the site to see the highlights of corporate celebration. And it's fun, have fun and have fun more often :)



Create a blog with helpful articles and videos


Interesting content, especially video, will at times increase the number of new users on the site, and even better to sell your products.

Speaking complete and interesting stories, you educate visitors gradually build brand.

It does not matter if these stories have already been told to you.

There are, for example, thousands of farms involved in maple syrup, and many of them sell it over the Internet.

However, only a small percentage of them actually explain how the juice extracted from trees, and how it is processed and then disinfected prior to the final product in the store.

A good example is a web page on the farm Carman Brook site in Vermont.



Article by: Alexander Nadtochy

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