5 digital marketing trends of 2016 that will help you beat the competitors

11 January 2016

To beat the competition online in 2016, it is necessary to pay attention to technology trends and quickly adapt their business.
We offer to adopt those things without which your business in 2012th can get heavy losses.

Website Optimization for mobile devices

More and more Internet users, given the advantage of smartphones and tablets (especially in his spare time), dropping to second place overall and laptops.
In the past year, Google has warned of a new algorithm for the successful promotion in 2016. You just have to have a mobile version of a site under all possible screen resolutions.

Social promotion

Search engines are actively watching your presence in social networks and constantly index their contents.

This is especially true of Twitter and Google Plus. Do not forget to use the site for development of the project online.
It will only be a plus to the rating and position of your site.
Create a strategy to promote social networks and introduce it now.
Write in the first place for people based on their needs and problems, then your content will scatter as "fresh hotcakes."

Start the app and tap the new market

Another great way to express your project online - is to launch a mobile application.
The competitors are not asleep and the most active of them are already using this channel promotion.
Google shows search results from the content of mobile applications, so this is an additional platform to communicate with the target audience.
The 2012th run a mobile application that will establish additional contact with your audience.
Maybe not for all businesses it will be important, but in most Internet projects will work on hurray!

Pop-up windows to improve conversion

Pop-Ups (Pop-ups), or pop-ups, according to numerous studies lead to increased conversion from 2% to 30% or more.
Of course, you need to carefully work out the concept, utility, call to action and design of the pop-up window.
! If you are not the right approach and the rush you can create pop-up, which will, on the contrary, deter and detract from the site of potential customers. Take this seriously.
Create a pop-up with a super-offer and call to action, which is stupid to refuse.
Test different versions of calls to action, color, time limit.
Find a middle ground and a positive result (sales growth, the number of subscribers) in 2016 provided to you.


Use YouTube

It does not matter in what area you have a business, online or offline,
YouTube - is a separate world, a powerful search engine among the millions of videos that people are looking at every moment.
YouTube is also directly connected with Google, which further add a rating to your project.
Why not use this channel for advertising and engage potential clients in their project.

! note

YouTube in 2016 drew attention to the duration of the video display and ranks them according to this criterion is, therefore, remove the short, but the most exciting and useful video (up to 2-3 minutes), so that users watched from beginning to end, then you will be in the top and the influx of new customers in your business will grow with each passing day.

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