What's in store for web design in 2016? Catch the trends!

17 December 2015

Digital agencies and professionals involved in web design, you need to pay attention to new trends and adapt quickly to them.

On what should focus in 2016?


  1. Usability


In 2016, the development of web design will be more directed to the experience of interaction with users (UX Design).

No matter how great your idea would look like if it is not used by users. So take a look at the website usability first.

  1. Responsive design


Nowadays, the sites do not have a mobile (adaptive) version rigidly perceived Google and receive low rankings in search results.

The user experience and the quality of usability on mobile devices will be a key area of development in the 2012th.

If your customers can not fully enjoy the site through the use of a smartphone or tablet, be sure to reconsider the issue and fix everything in the shortest possible time.


  1. Mobile app inspired by web designers


People are becoming more and more adapted to a convenient and intuitive interface of mobile games and applications.

Developers of Web sites should adopt useful experience in application design.

Removing unnecessary and irrelevant information on the site will improve the quality of interaction with users.

Marketers are beginning to pick up the wave of this trend and implement mobile chips in their Internet projects.


  1. Clever menus


Many people are already starting to bore down menu of "hamburger" or "navicon" (button is in the form of 3 strips to unroll the menu on mobile devices).

In recent years, is actively developing smart menu.

Hidden navigation, which appears from nowhere, given the actions of the user, will soon become the norm for all.

Experts argue that the smart / hidden menu will be fully responsive to the scroll of the site and at a certain moment to offer an option to the user.


  1. Modules and modular text


No one likes to read long and terribly boring texts.

The only way out was the breakdown of long texts in short paragraphs

But then, come to the aid of a modular approach to the layout of the web page.

Modular construction is a method wherein all built using blocks and meshes.

Just like reading a normal magazine, website more interesting to read when our eyes can move from one module to another.


  1. Modular and infinite scrolling


Modular scrolling enables scrolling of the individual modules of the site, independently of the others.

In fact, you may have already seen similar sites with the sidebar, when you scroll through the basic materials, sidebar, however, remains in place. But imagine the site is divided into two columns, with independent modules to scroll.

It all started with an endless scroll of the most popular websites in the world such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

Modular endless scroll and the work is easier and faster than pressing and interrupt the user experience, and after stopping the loading of a new page.

Bounce your website time.com fell by 15%, after they have implemented an endless scrolling.




  1. Material design


The material design of a display items on the website with their most realistic, in comparison with the real world.

With shadows and colors, you can make any element of naturalness.

In 2016, this trend is expected in the design of every other popular site.


  1. Flat design


Sleek design will evolve and become even more popular in 2016.

Flat web design has the advantage of UX - image files, weigh less, and the page load time decreased.


  1. Visual storytelling (визуальные истории)


Have you ever heard the saying - "It is worth a thousand words"?

So, visual stories will work much better than plain text, because they will make your story more real and alive for the users.

Some details:

  • 100 million people worldwide, browsing, at least one video per day;
  • With a probability of 64% of visitors will make a purchase after viewing the video;
  • 92% of those who watch video on mobile devices to share content with others
  • People treated with visuals of 60,000 times faster than reading words.


  1. Infographics


Do you know the best way to convey information than using neat and clear infographics?

Infographics continue the trend of development and will be used in virtually any channel:

  • social media,
  • SEO,
  • marketing and so on.

On the basis of the old templates infographics, will come new ideas with the maximum simplification of the design.



  1. Cool typography


Today, more people are able to develop and modify the typography on the websites due to widely available web fonts.

In 2016 he predicted the return of large fonts, italics and capital letters for logos and headers. There will also be popular-drawn typography (pen).

To better use the main text font 16-18, to make it more readable.


  1. Modern retro


The modern retro style design looks pretty interesting. It began with the trends in logo design, and gradually penetrate into other aspects of web and graphic design.

Everything was cool visual style, between the end of the 70's and early 90's is back!


  1. Rich colors


TOP 10 colors in 2016, according to Pantone, will be as follows:




  1. Grids and geometric shapes


Using the geometric shapes and nets in the design of the site will grow even more in 2016.

But each has a tendency opposite direction.

Experts predict that in response to the geometric shape worldwide trend will grow to the figures with the free forms. Same as the geometric, but dented.


  1. Death stock photos


People began to realize that stock photos are among the most boring and original things in the design of the site.

2016 will be a period of change, and web designers will use less stock photos.

Use the image in order for your site, make it either alone or with the help of a professional. So will you be different from thousands of sites with stock photos.


  1. Video backgrounds and GIF


You probably have noticed all these cool websites with video backdrops.

Of course, most of them long time to load, but the trend has emerged and will continue next year.

Video will replace the image in many places of the site. Popular internet projects Vine and Snapchat long been using short videos for the involvement of the audience.

Also watch out for the invasion of animated GIF.

Facebook is to blame for opening the Pandora Box, and they will soon be everywhere.



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(Article prepared by Alexander Nadtochy)

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