Keep a note! Principles of good typography on the website.

30 November 2015

When creating and filling the site content is very important to understand and apply the basic principles of typography.

This article is a little checklist will serve you faithfully.

Read and take note.

  1. Observe the correct hierarchy of content

To headers, body text and images on a Web page to appear harmonious and logical, systematic use hierarchy information to facilitate its user experience.

  1. Create readable text

In the era of information technology and daily sitting behind a computer, not everyone can boast of 100% vision, and it is important to take into account their needs.

Therefore, set the size of text on the site for at least 14px, but better 16px.

  1. Use simple fonts (sans serif)

Sans serif font is better perceived by users of the website and give "laytovy" effect in the design. Select, for example, one of the most popular fonts - Open Sans, PT Sans, Arial.

  1. Do not use many different fonts on the page

Try to observe the harmony in the content, and it is better if the fonts on the same page will be not more than 2 species. For example, the main text font, and font for individual quotes.

  1. Increase line spacing

Text should be easily seen from paragraph to paragraph, and if you make a larger spacing, for example ask the CSS property line-height: 24px;

  1. Remove the upper register, especially in the main text

Use upper case text complicates the perception, so use this format very carefully, for example in the menu list.

  1. Reduce the width of the line

The optimal line length is between 40 and 60 characters, so the text will be easier to the eye and not break the rhythm of the user from reading leaps from line to line.

  1. Do not use centered, if this is not necessary

Center the better items you want to highlight the text, and work with this format to be very careful. In the center can be aligned, for example, quotes.

  1. Create a contrasting background and text color

If you use a slightly saturated colors, the user will be difficult to perceive the written text and weariness, he quickly left the site.

On the contrary, contrasting and harmonious in combination with the background and the font will attract tighten read more.

The comments will share the secrets of their own high-quality typography.

Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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