Why did I start cycling to work?

6 September 2017

The real story of the life of our programmer

Typically, programmers write articles about some mega-important nuances of design, improving the quality of the code, about the three hundred and fifty-first way to bring out "Hello World!", In general, what can be found in the documentation for any software, but which nobody reads.

This article is about what really does not exist in the docks – if you have a job and a bicycle, then why they must necessarily be combined.

Concomitant of the recent record – “1000km to work by bike”.

There are many reasons why people change to bicycles.

I highlighted the following:

  • Fitness. To improve the figure, lose weight, improve the tone and immunity, improve the overall physical condition, prevent diseases: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vegetative-vascular dystonia, cardiovascular problems and the like associated with sedentary work or a passive lifestyle;
  • Fashionable hobby. Velotrend is gaining momentum every year, having a bike – fashionable, pokatushki – as a kind of leisure and entertainment;
  • Lifestyle. Athletes, “Green”. We will not consider, usually these are strongly motivated people, who are well aware of what they want to gain from the conduct;
  • The economic factor. Here and so it is clear, we will not consider them;
  • Forced necessity. Here, too, it is understandable, we do not consider.

So, if you are in one of these categories (in the first two, I'm guessing?), Then I recommend buying you a bike and riding it for work.

Why to work? There are many reasons, now I will sign.


The benefits of torsion of pedals are written not less than articles than how to display “ Hello World! ”. After reading them you decide that it's worth starting to just press the pedal, how to immediately cure all the diseases, become younger and become a superhero. But no. Not everything is as bright as it is written there.

The first thing you need to find out for yourself is – can you even ride a bicycle. Yes, it sounds trite for most. But, the health issue is – this is not a joke, and give advice in the spirit of "let's go on pedal itself will pass"; here does not ride. If you have questions about health, then it's better to visit a doctor.

Ok, you're healthy and ready to pedal

The process of choosing and buying the “ 'lover' ” I will omit this topic for a separate article. We will assume that you already have it and in a normal state.

You can ride a bike anywhere you like. How do you like this news?

At the beginning, you will do so – go wherever you want and when you want.

To leave on weekends or after work, to get together with friends, etc. It's all class, it's necessary. But there is one BUT & ndash; absence of target profit.

We've already determined that you belong to the first two categories – fitness + leisure.

Hence we conclude that for fitness you need consistency and some kind of load, and for leisure it's nice to be in shape to keep up with the group and skate a little farther and faster than you usually walk (or why did you then buy anything big? and do not fool around).

The ideal way to kill all the birds with one fish is to go to work on a bicycle.

And now in order:

  • Saving the daily routine, saving time. Do not need to specifically allocate time, change the daily routine. You will come and go from work as always, go to bed, too, as always.
  • It is easy to maintain regularity. Very low level of psychological demotivation. Regular moderate exercise will imperceptibly make your body healthier while you are going to work.
  • You better know your area and city.
  • Full exemption from traffic jams in yellow overcrowded ovens in the company. Ground public transport in the heat – This is a kapets!
  • At work you are in excellent cheerful mood. The organism is put on alert, the blood flows to all organs, forcing them to work as expected.
  • Torsion of the pedals after work relieves stress and provides an excellent sleep.
  • Although not great, but saving money.
  • There will be new friends.

After a short drive to work, you will notice positive changes in the work of your body and you will cease to drag along the tail of the group and whine “ well, we have already far gone, let's back”.

After a while, you will notice that even less time is left for the road to work.

With friends you will begin to skate further and more confidently, the photos will become brighter.

In general, the profit of the priest.

Now how to ride to work by bike:

  • Your bike should be in good technical condition. It should not fall off the details, creak the chain, etch the wheels, etc. You're going to work, not to go on a ride and have to be on it at the appointed time. The punctured wheel or the unlocked chain lock is sad, but it's your problem, not the company. Be ready for them.
  • Pave the route so that there is always a nearby reserve option - tram, metro, bus, city train. The bus and metro are reluctantly missed, but in an emergency, take advantage of your charm and gift of persuasion. You also have to pay for the horse. But the tram and & ldquo; electron & rdquo; - No problems at all, you can even include them in your route.
  • On the maximum avoid public roads. If there are bicycles - go for them, even if a little further.
  • Hygiene. We go in one - we work in another. Antiperspirants, antibacterial napkins - masthev. Colleagues should not be held hostage to your victories on the road. If at work there is where to rinse - generally cool, enjoy.
  • Drink! Constantly drink a little. Every kilometer or two, make a couple of small sips. Water is one of the most important factors in your condition. Even if it's cool, even if you do not feel like drinking - PAY! Joints need a fluid for lubrication, secretion organs need a lot of fluid! Damn, you're 90% water. In summer, the most important enemy of a cyclist is heat stroke and dehydration. Do not joke with this. Without a bottle of water, do not even leave.
  • Take with you a multitool. Sometimes you need to tweak some little thing that can break everything.
  • Look at the weather. A couple of trips in the pouring rain will teach you to do this regularly.
  • Think about where your bike will be waiting for you. No cables, only an arc or segment lock. But this is an extra one and a half to two kilograms, which also do not guarantee anything. So it's better to put in a secure room or right in the office.
  • Helmet. For cyclists traveling at a speed of 25 km / h towards each other, the approach speed will be 50 km / h. This is the standard speed of vehicle crashes.
  • Better buy special clothes for cycling. It very effectively removes moisture and dries quickly, does not stretch, easily rubs off. It also increases your visibility on the road. Do not spend a lot of money, but rather go into the stock, there is an excellent choice of bicycle and jersey. The velopampers will increase the comfort level when riding, but this is underwear, take it into account.
  • Revise the list of things that you will bring to work (laptop, headphones, food, etc.). Perhaps some things can simply be left at work and taken home on Friday (if they can be needed at home). From the number, size and weight of things strongly depends on how comfortable and easy you will go.
  • Be sure to include a first aid kit: bandage, tourniquet, antiseptic, analgesic, napkins. Anything can happen, it's better to be ready, right? Especially since it does not take much space.
  • Glasses. Two reasons: the sun and midges. The ingestion of midge in the eye is a very unpleasant thing. And if it's at speed and on the road, it's generally dangerous. Points buy is not very expensive, so do not be sorry to break the deal, but check for optical distortion.
  • Go with you money on the basis of the scenario of a trip home by taxi. Again, anything can happen.
  • Do not be bullshit. Do not need “ teach ” or “ punishing &rdquo ;. Especially in respect of motorists or motorcyclists. That you were "right" & rdquo; it is better to tell at home, and not in the hospital. Do not provoke an accident. Do not strain pedestrians or other cyclists.

These are the main points.

The rest of the nuances of travel to work on the bike you already understand yourself after one or two trips.

Some fanatical comrades ride a bicycle all year round. To each his own. I personally think that this is excessive fanaticism and the health benefits here are very doubtful. For this period it's better to get special rollers to turn your bike into an exercise bike. Well, or switch to the gym.


The article was prepared by the leading programmer of the digital agency VIS-A-VIS – Sergey Litvin.

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