Don't repeat these mistakes! See successful cases of A/B testing of E-commerce sites

26 November 2015

In order not to step on the same rake, we offer examples of working methods to optimize the conversion sites, from the popular Western companies in the field of e-commerce.

  1. Removing the advertising banner of the game "SimCity" has increased the conversion from a card product by 43%.

Part of this success can be attributed to a simple A / B test landing pages.

The team tested the idea of whether removing a large banner and moving important information on the page above, the sales of the game will grow?

It happened during the first two weeks after the launch of the new version of the landing page, download the digital version of the game increased by 43% to 50% of the total sales of "SimCity".

  1. Change text CTA-clickable buttons to increase its 17%.

CTA (Call-To-Action) call to action button, placed on many pages and are fundamental elements for a decision by the user.

The development team online store Dewalt has tested various options CTA-buttons.

In this example, the button with the text "Buy Now" worked better than "Shop Now" and increase the number of clicks by 17%.

  1. Images in the same style to the product pages increased average revenue per visitor by 17%.

The team experimented with a page SmartWool product categories.

A / B test showed that the page with a uniform design for similar products better suited for tracking the eyes and help to focus on the product.

After the changes the average revenue per visitor from the online store grew by 17%.

  1. A simple change CTA buttons increase website Lifeproof monthly income by 16%.
Lifeproof specializes in the sale of accessories that protect smartphones and tablets in extreme conditions.

They experimented with the CTA-button on the home page and found that small changes have led to great results.

The example below shows how to change a single button led to increased monthly revenues site by 16%.

  1. Removing the navigation of the sales funnel (basket of goods) increased revenue per visitor by 14%.

VeggieTales - is an animated children's TV series, which is very popular among preschool children in the United States.

In partnership with Blue Acorn, they held a series of A / B tests on their online store.

They removed the navigation in the funnel of the order of the goods, with the result that increased average revenue per visitor by 14%.

Removing distractions sections and navigation helps customers to better focus and buy desired goods.

  1. Removing a Category from the main page FSA Store increased revenue per visitor to 53.8%.

Team FSA store suggested that the removal of unnecessary under the categories with the main page of the site will help visitors to better focus on the products and select the right product.

They were absolutely right and removal under the categories with the main page of the site to increase the average revenue per visitor 53.8%. The example below.

  1. Adding answers to frequently asked questions in the list of products has increased conversions by 69%.

Customers often ask about the size, color and the presence of the goods to make the most correct choice.

Team Roller Skate Nation decided to experiment with the addition of answers to frequently asked questions directly to the item card.

This led to an increase in product conversion cards by as much as 69%!

  1. Testing the new search algorithm in the online store Insound led to an increase in the conversion of 39%.

Insound is an online music store that sells audio equipment and vinyl records.

They found that changes in search algorithms of goods on the site have a significant impact on the likelihood of making a purchase.

For a month they managed to increase the conversion of the site by 39%. The example in the screenshot below.

  1. Advertising banner for Sony converted people are buying on the desktop and mobile devices in different ways.

Sony held A / B testing of banners for the computer Vaio.

The aim was to find out what a call to action more attractive: the settings for the client laptop or free doubling of memory?

Instead of winning proposals across the board at Sony found that visitors responded differently on the banner, depending on their place of view, from a laptop or smartphone.

  1. Testing the button text of the order led to an increase CTR on it by 39%.

Team Insound suspected by pressing "Continue" in the funnel comes confusion, the majority of failures and unpaid goods.

They believed that it is necessary to make a more specific call to action button, which will improve conversions on it.

Be precise in your sales funnel on the site. Customers want to know exactly where they are in the buying process and how many steps it is still before the end of purchase.

An example is shown in the screenshot below.

  1. More user-friendly and attractive design of the basket of goods raised revenue for the store Soccerloco 26%.

Soccerloco is a network of retail stores for football equipment.

As part of the broad redesign of the site they made a number of hypotheses on how to improve usability and conversion site. One suggestion was to change the design of a basket of goods.

They tested more than visual design, which includes a button instead of switches.

Buttons have been more successful at CTR and these small changes resulted in 26% revenue growth Soccerloco!

  1. The new search algorithm Bigstock increased the number of downloaded images is 3%.

Bigstock is a wholly owned subsidiary and photo stock Shutterstock.

They are always trying to offer the most accurate search results for people looking for pictures.

It was to test the performance of a new intelligent search algorithm that guessed the intended introduced the term even if the word was spelled incorrectly.

As a result, an increasing number of images added to the basket at 6.52%, and the downloaded images of 3.2%. The example below.

  1. ZAGG company increased revenue by 40% is testing different types of imaging products

ZAGG is one of the largest online retailers of mobile accessories and electronics.
Pages of products offered on the 3 ways to view items:

  • static images,
  • video,
  • product images 360º.

Then we conducted a series of tests to find out which way the product works better.

It was found that video increased average revenue per visitor by 27%, and with a video review of the product on the 360º added another 12%.

Example see in the image below.


All examples of A / B tests and the results after the optimization of sites, it is not fiction, but a real practice known E-commerce companies.

Of course not all of these ideas are applicable in the CIS market, but most of them will work 100%.

Do not be afraid to test and look for new opportunities.

And write in the comments what results you have achieved after the implementation of changes to the site.

Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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