Rated WRate.net we in first place in the CIS !

13 November 2009

Yes Yes Yes! We took the first place in the CIS rated WRate.net!

How to build a rating.
First, consider the experience of the participants and their work. And with this we have everything in order - portfolio speaks for itself.
Secondly, the variety and quality of services provided, the weight of the participant on the Internet (TCI and PR).
Thirdly, the interest of users to the sites in our portfolio, which is calculated according to the site.
And fourthly, it is very important for us - customer testimonials about our work.

Thanks to everyone who stays with us all these years.
And another good news - 17 November in the US Student Day was 6 years old!

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Glad to be a favorite for Ukraine!

Denis Dmitrienko

Creative Director

October 2015

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Denis Dmitrienko

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