Where to start the site development?

21 February 2017

How to start a homeland of development of the site?


And what do you think?


From brainstorming and designing prototypes?


Or maybe with design and layout?


Some people think that this is certainly setting goals and objectives.


Pre-need to carry out a study of the market and competitors, to make the character card.


* By the way here that thought is closer to the truth! :)


What is to do in the first place, to the design phase directly?


To your site after the release had a solid foundation and opportunities for advancement.


The answer is simple, but many do not even think about this step in the process of site design.


Start by gathering and clustering semantic core.


Gather all your potential keywords that people are driven into the search engine on a daily basis to solve their problems.


So you have to develop and set goals better know the market and its future customers.


What they are concerned about and answers to any questions they seek.


Semantic kernel will create a site structure that will be most relevant to the target audience and its needs.


Therefore, before starting the design is always going to the semantics of the key requests.


As you simplify your life in the future and with less effort will achieve good results in the promotion.



Article Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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