Note for leaders. How to create a strong team?

24 November 2015

Before we get down to the basic principles of building a strong team, I propose to consider a small example.

There are 2 companies A and B, which go into a new market with approximately the same level of capital.

Average monthly salary of employees of both companies have planned is about the same and equal to - X UAH.

The company and the selected quantitative strategy of recruitment and requested the HR-managers to seek lower-profile professionals who have requested for their work - 1/3 of the expected wage, that is, instead of a single professional with the salary - X UAH. they plan to recruit three people with a salary - X / 3 UAH.

Company B chooses the strategy of quality and saving money on specialists, gaining only professionals with high wages - X UAH.

Question: Which company, A or B will be more successful in the market, with different tactics of recruitment?

Answer: Actually, the selection of a team of professionals does not always guarantee 100% success and the chances of both companies are at an early stage.

What is meant by the concept of a "strong team" and how to create it?

Consider the 8 basic principles for executives who help to create a strong team of winners:

  1. The importance of corporate culture in the first place

A great leader must live side by side with the employees to see them common goals and values of the company. This will create a positive atmosphere in the team and proud to work there.

People have to be willing to work in your company. Use the word "we" instead of "I", no matter where you mentioned about your team.

Demonstrate working atmosphere in the office and satisfied employees are with "burning eyes" and passion are working on projects, is pleased to come to the office in the morning and do not want to go home at night.

  1. Appreciate each employee separately

Respect and understanding of their subordinates from management - it is a great value for the whole company.

Everyone, from your Deputy to the cleaners should be aware that it is appreciated and respected in the same way as the others. That all are equal and united as one family.

Learn to devote time to each employee at least 1 minute of the week, ask how he's doing, you need help? It will be incredibly nice, he will feel the support and charged with new energy.

On the understanding and support of every employee, built a strong foundation of successful business.

  1. Appreciate the whole team

Give your employees opportunities for career growth. Encourage teamwork and creativity prizes and bonuses. It will play only a plus for the benefit of the entire company.

Invest in education and training of employees, collect corporate events. Everyone should feel at ease and be able to grow and develop.

  1. To use team-building joint vacation

Beyond working time arrange joint activities, outdoor recreation, trips to the theater or cinema.

Team-Building, sports tournaments, competitions, quests, and other joint activities will only bring people together and improve a sense of belonging for your team.

  1. Define clear goals

Put clear goals for the company and inform them of all employees.

Everyone had to know where you are going, and what contribution to achieve the goal, he can make on his own behalf.

  1. Quickly eliminate flaws in the work process

The inability of individuals to cooperate and work as a team can destroy relationships and cause dissatisfaction of the majority.

Even the slightest negative need to quickly detect and eliminate, at the initial stage of its development.

Before each decision socialize with people from their team, their opinion on a specific issue, and only then make a decision.

The involvement of employees in decision-making will only strengthen the team spirit and reinforce their importance in the company.

  1. Regularly introspect

For example, in the case of the dismissal of an employee on their own, find out reasons why he made such a decision. In this way one can identify a deeper problem, which is not visible from the outside.

Keep statistics and analyze the results after the decisions you make.

Using proven and effective ways you can avoid many problems with staff turnover and the organization of an effective team.

  1. Be a role model

The manager must have high goals, and firmly believe in their achievement. Perseverance, responsibility, ambition give strength not only to you but also to all the staff.

Live what you're doing, cultivate it with the "fire in the heart" and a lead for his team with confident steps.

Only a strong coach is able to create a truly outstanding team of winners.


Proposed in this article principles of a strong team known to many, but used in real life, not every leader.

Use them in their practice and the result is not long to wait.

(Photographic materials in this article from the film "The Wolf of Wall Street")

Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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