Where the mountain meadows...

15 September 2014

The planned hike in the autumn will be held this time at the border with Romania. For inspiration go on Marmoroshsky mountain. So, we gathered gallant team: Denis Dimitrenko, Ilya Bahvalov Arthur Schablevsky Yegor Ivanov, Dmitry Musienko Alexander Korobenko and Vyacheslav Sokurov and Andrei Kozin - our partners Print Market and Made My Creative.

That's the friendly staff we are going to conquer the mountains: Petros Marmaroshsky (1780 m), Berlebashka (1733 m), Pop Ivan Marmaroshsky (1936 m) and Zherban (1788 m). These mountains are on the border of Romania and Ukraine. Stunning views of the home of Dracula and Ukrainian Carpathians we promise to capture and report on the return.

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