Web design trends in 2017

4 July 2017

Trends in web design 2017 

The article is intended to show and tell what trends are relevant in web design in 2017. I know you might feel as if you have missed something, but give me time and everything will fall into place. I will try to make my article fascinating.
Good. Now all doubts aside. Let's move on to our list of trends.

It's quite simple and effective movement attracts the attention of people who do not have time to focus on everything they see. Please note that in recent times a shifting background and animation have often been used. Most often this is done using CSS3 programming. The CSS3 language has become a marketing term, as well as a responsive design. It is difficult to deny that the movement is selling and attracting attention. Do not need to search for evidence for long, just look at your Facebook. Now images, slideshows and videos have flooded the entire site.

Large fonts

The printing house is also part of the design. Make sure that you did not miss this element, because it is important. Typography is a great tool for highlighting content. When you look at the headlines and side quotes, you can make sure that the big font attracts the attention as much as the images.

Image of the hero

Let's talk about the images. This is what was in the trend three years ago, but still makes an impression. What image of the hero are we talking about? Simply put, it's just a large image on the site page. As an example, take a look at the VIS-A-VIS feedback page.
Large area for content

It's about the areas of the site where the content can be shown in all its glory. What content? Well, my friend, the content is images, videos, colors and fonts on the site. Simply put, this is all that people like and allows you to interact with your brand on-line. What is meant by large areas for content? Usually this is called a modular design, which forms a large empty space to visually highlight the content and attract attention.
Bright colors and gradients
As strongly as humorous films, people like bright colors. So let's give them to them! However, keep in mind the following. It's very easy to get carried away with color, but if it is used within reasonable limits and your brand, it can go terrific!
What trends do you like?

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