Top 7 tools for remote team work

6 April 2020

For any  IT company, the process of remote work is quite familiar and understandable.

But, during the crisis and the sudden introduction of quarantine in the country, many businesses are faced with the need to quickly adapt from offline to online to save customers, sales and the company as a whole.

We bring to your attention the main programs that the "VIS-A-VIS Digital Agency" team uses every day for effective remote work.

Definitely, not all companies and business sectors will use these programs, but you can learn and test something useful in person. It will also be useful for freelancers and beginners in the IT.

1. Worksection – project management system


Our team uses Worksection to effectively manage projects, set goals, plan and control time spent.

Simple and intuitive interface.

The functionality includes a Gantt chart and a kanban board, as well as many labels and statuses for structuring projects.

It is possible to provide access to the project and tasks not only to colleagues, but also to clients, for joint discussion.

Reports on time costs and the number of completed tasks are automatically generated.

It is possible to integrate Worksection with the company's website.

You can plan work not only in the browser, but also in the mobile application, which also facilitates the process of remote work.


2. Telegram – messenger for instant communication with the team


One of the benefits of Telegram is speed. He is fast and has long gone beyond the usual chat.

In addition, the messenger differs from similar messengers in terms of increased security and confidentiality.

Another plus is cross-platform. It is available for iOs and Android, and there is also a web browser version.

It is possible to create your own channels and attract subscribers. as well as create a chat bot, which at times improves productivity and does a lot of work for you.

You can create groups and supergroups of several thousand people.

Telegram supports a large number of file formats for sharing, including audio messages.

There are many free stickers and emoticons (you can create your own).


3. Google Drive cloud storage

Google Drive

The interface here is simple and straightforward.

Your data is available online 24/7/365, wherever you are.

15 GB of disk space is available for free, and tariff plans allow you to expand your cloud storage to 30 TB.

You can share and store documents of any format, structure data into folders, upload both individual files and entire folders.


4. Google Docs – set of basic office programs

Google Docs

Edit Word text documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other files wherever you are.

It is convenient for copywriters to work, to make edits on content, to edit technical tasks and other work processes.

You can generate reports and provide access to the client via the link, with the ability to edit or just view.

There is a mobile application that is also convenient and adds mobility to your work. You can edit and make edits even while somewhere on the road, without a laptop at hand.


5. Figma – online web design platform


With Figma web designer can work directly in the browser, and all work files and projects will be available online (in the “cloud”). There is also a desktop version.

The program is great for creating prototypes and design sites, mobile applications.

There is the possibility of collaboration and editing layouts, as well as commenting, asking questions online, which increases the speed of work and simplifies the communication of designers, managers, and clients.

Figma stores the history of the project and at any time the designer can return to the previous version.

Convenient tools for creating shapes and text are available, and fonts are automatically downloaded from Google Fonts.

You can export the entire layout or only individual elements.


6. Zoom – leading service in the field of video conferencing and online seminars


It has enhanced video security.

It is possible to save recordings, share files, and also share the screen.

Cross-platform Zoom, has a mobile application, as well as browser extensions, additional plug-ins for working with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Intel Unite, screen sharing on iPhone or iPad.

Zoom allows you to effectively communicate to a huge number of people (in the free version only up to 100 people are available).


7. TeamViewer – program for remote access and computer control


Especially useful for remote work of technical support and system administrators.

Allows remote desktop access.

In addition, TeamViewer provides the ability to access the screen of a smartphone on an iOs or Android system, in real time.



Author: Alexander Nadtochii

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