Trending web design programs in 2016

24 November 2015

Modern web design needs to look a few steps forward, to stay afloat and retain its reputation in the fast-paced IT-space.

Consider the most trending tools that it makes sense to teach:

  1. Macaw

Macaw trend opens up three programs for web design in 2016.

This program automatically generates HTML and CSS code from your template drawn. This syntax of the generated code is a beautiful and readable.

Macaw in recent years is gaining great momentum and attracts the attention of a growing number of professionals in web design.

The motto of the program is: "Enough already write code, start to draw it!"

The Macaw has 2 built-engine:

  •  Stream - serves as a graphical editor and real-time displays the objects in the work area. All items on the move, you can create thumbnails, change and increase in size.
  •  Alchemy - converts your design into a finished HTML code that reduces a lot of time in the layout template.

In addition, Macaw is available typography control panel, the functionality to create a grid and responsive design and many other useful widgets that you can explore personally in practice.

Macaw - is a complete processor, which creates from the painted design ready for future work code.

  1. Sketch 3

Another tool of the future, which is already fond of creative types.

For the period autumn 2015 Sketch 3 is produced only under Mac OS platform.

Basic chips Sketch 3:

  •  All vector objects are created and can be displayed on any device,
  •  A huge number of display options and sizes workspaces
  •  Creating logical chains of transitions on the site,
  •  Export file formats from .png to ... .svg-format, which is displayed as well on retina display and a conventional monitor,
  •  Grouped objects and much more.

All of these features facilitate the work of a web designer and increase its speed.

After working in The Sketch people eventually forget about the usual products of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Adobe Muse

Closes the three leaders of the easiest to use and practical tool for visual editing of Adobe Muse.

At its core functionality and it is a bit like and Macaw can also generate HTML and CSS code from the graphic template.

Unlike Adobe Muse that it is integrated with many products Adobe. You will always have at hand a set of fonts Typekit, access to documents placed on a cloud Creative Cloud and many other add-ons and plug-ins.


In 2016, many web designers are starting to move to new and improved tools for web design.

Familiar Photoshop remain relevant except for photographers.

And though you are using one of these tools in their work? Maybe there are other alternatives?

Share them in the comments.

Author: Alexander Nadtochy

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