A new version of Laravel 5.5 has been released

1 September 2017

We are keeping pace with the times.


Only a few days ago a new version of Laravel 5.5 was released, and we have already included it in our CMS and can use new nice features and buns from our favorite framework.


So, what's new in version 5.5:


  • PHP7 by default
  • Whoops is back! Now, if there is an error in the development, we can see this line of code in the form of a screenshot along with the error message

  • The collection adds DD and Dump. We can now call the dd () or dump () command directly from the collection, which makes debugging much easier
  • Custom Blade :: if () directives. A long repetitive code of checks in the blade templates can make them ugly. The good news is that now it is possible to extract a duplicate code of checks from templates, which makes them more clean and readable
  • Laravel Horizon.   This is the new Laravel package that provides the panel and a code-driven configuration system for Laravel Redis queues
  • Stack Trace errors in JSON format. In Laravel 5.5, in case of error, we get not HTML markup, but a trace in JSON, which is easier to understand


The article was prepared by the PHP developer of the digital agency VIS-A-VIS – Arthur Shchablevsky.

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