Website development

Website development

Creation of websites is the term, you can say, collectively, do not lose relevance. No wonder, because the business is slowly but surely goes online, and it is a world trend. As in offline, there prevails its own laws, which do not forgive errors. That's why today just "build sites" is a good thing, but it's not enough if you plan to earn. And that's why our company has grown from a design Studio in Digital Agency.

Over the years we have developed more than 350 projects of various levels of complexity and scale in the IT sector, which operate successfully on the Internet, and for good reason.

There are different types of web resources:

  • online business cards;
  • web portals;
  • promo websites;
  • corporate websites;
  • online stores.

And also there are the blogs and website directories, search engines and email services, Bulletin boards, and other resources, each of which is demand, all you need is properly use all of its features.

Development of websites and the big role of design

Development of websites and the big role of design

Design can be classified according to different parameters:

  • in color;
  • the number of graphic elements;
  • content (minimalistic, complex, one-or two-column...);
  • on the subject of (retro, grunge, classic, cartoon, coffee, and other styles).

In addition, the website may be fixed, adaptive or rubber, although the latter option is sometimes more appropriate to develop a mobile site separately from the main. The only correct option for all does not exist.

By the way, it is important to understand that when we creating a corporate website, online store and other web resources, you can not relу only on your (or customer's) taste, even if it's flawless. First of all, the website needs to appeal to your customers and not just visually.

So before start any work, be it creating web applications, development of a website or other resource, we collect and analyze information. We study actual results (if the website already has), such as traffic, conversion, bounce, speed of download, and other, ranked behavioral factors. In the absence of a website, we identify and thoroughly examine Your target audience, market (niches) and major competitors (pros and cons).

Carefully listened all the wishes of the client, penetrating the essence of his business processes, we offer an optimal strategy based on our experience and knowledge. Whether it's a personal project, still only in the idea, whether a corporate website, which hung in a net dead weight, or an online store that does not bring the expected income , our goal is to make Your business profitable by offering You the best, reasoned way of solving it.

Development of websites and the big role of design
Marketing and website development

Marketing and website development

The client can be sure that he needs a large-scale advertising campaign, but it turns out that site visitors are scared away by ill-conceived design and navigation or low-quality content. In some cases a good promo site will be more effective than building a portal. And costly advertising can only fail because the offer is poorly formed,  not because the wrong channel is selected.

There are many nuances at the stage of the direct creation of the site. Fashion «web bells and whistles» are not always appropriate, and adaptive design is far from justified in all cases. But to get bogged down in the past, not paying attention to innovations and trends, would be a mistake. You need to skillfully maneuver in the magical world of IT technologies.

There are many design studios involved in the creation of various Internet resources. You can almost always get acquainted with the portfolio of a web studio by seeing beautiful (though not always) examples of work in front of you. But what will you evaluate as a real or potential owner of an online business – external attractiveness of the site or the specific results of its work?

We believe that we did not waste our time and met the expectations of our clients if their projects bring real money. We are equally responsible for all our orders – whether it's creating an online store or a one-page site, developing a mobile application or a huge portal.