The design and layout of the site "iKAPUSTA"

Description of the project

iKAPUSTA - it's a modern and simple service that allows you to get a loan for the payment card of the international payment systems Visa and Master Card, issued by any Ukrainian Bank, just a few minutes, anywhere, anytime.


It was necessary to develop an easy layout of the site, in a minimalist style that reflects the essence and main business content. Use in the development of corporate green and then to impose a ready-made website template code.

Features of the project

  • Calculator on the front page, so users can instantly calculate the terms of the loan and place it online,
  • Enter personal cabinet, using a variety of social networks,
  • Readable information pages.

      Usability get the most simple and convenient!​

Calculator to calculate the amount and term of the loan, as well as debt

Login form personal cabinet

Readable and easy to understand information pages Site

The final design of the project

Results of the project

Web site design has turned light and modern, on the main page shows the essence of the business benefits and the ability to quickly make an order.

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Project team

On the design of the site was our young and ambitious team. In this friendly and experienced team creates brilliant projects.

Andrey Prokopenko

Andrey Prokopenko

Web Designer

Denis Dmitrienko

Denis Dmitrienko

Creative Director

Ilya Bakhvalov

Ilya Bakhvalov

Executive Director

Oleksandr Korobenko

Oleksandr Korobenko

Frontend Developer