Mobile version of the site of food delivery "BelGusto"

Our goal was to create a comfortable, simple and attractive website with high speed download, simplifying to the maximum product search and order processing.

General description of the project

Online store Bel Gusto combined products of the best European and Ukrainian manufacturers and distributors, as well as imported products. The company has all the ideal conditions for proper storage of products and offers customers affordable prices for quality certified products.


Our task was to make the site "easy" and convenient for the user, so the emphasis we have made on simplicity and brevity.

Project features

  • Animation is the product flies to cart;
  • the basket is always in sight;
  • constructive minimalism.

A useful feature
"Enlarge photo"

The basket is always in sight



The final design of the project

The results of the project

We get a stylish website which, thanks to smart navigation and minimalistic design, allows the user to quickly find the necessary information and place your order. And visual interesting "notions" make the site "alive" and not dull.

When it comes to creating a website,so to speake,your blood online store or any other resourse,for me the main thing is the quality of done work,that's why I am guided on the skill of the perfomer. But it is doubly cool to work with good and nice people. VIS-A-VIS is exactly the case,when the professionalism is combined with excellent human qualities, and work with such team brings pleasure.Sincerely hope that we will work more than once!


Valeriy Baev

Head of IT-department in Wine Time

The indicators have been achieved:







10%  Sales growth

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Project team

Here our gallant team, forces of which we master new technologies and conquer the impregnable top, with a constant smile on our faces and faith in a brighter future:)

Denis Dmitrienko

Denis Dmitrienko

Creative Director

Oleksandr Korobenko

Oleksandr Korobenko

Frontend Developer

Arthur Shablevskiy

Arthur Shablevskiy

PHP Developer