Promotional campaign for the network, "Fish world "Oceania"

The network of supermarkets "Fish World of "Oceania" as part of the marketing campaign decided to hold a rally on the presentation of the fishery products of Alaska. This is a joint action with the company ASMI with the support of the U.S. Embassy, and we were forced in the shortest terms to develop and implement the concept using not only web technology but also offline advertising.

General description of the project

Fish supermarkets and stores "Fish World "Oceania" is a large range of marine products and related products. On the shelves are products exclusively of natural origin, without harmful additives and dyes imported from Alaska and processed in our own production shop.


Our task was to create promo-site, to design and manufacture of advertising polygraphic materials, taking into account corporate style of the brand, with the aim of creating a positive image of the company and increase its sales.

Project features

When we create a promotional site, we tried to maximize the user to download the incredible atmosphere of Alaska, show - that means 100% organic products, using real photos with real people instead of images of finished products.

Fullscreen photos

Simple form design

Font icons

The final design of the project

The results of the project

High quality graphics, simplicity and brevity in the presentation of information made the site an enjoyable, interesting and engaging reception.

The website adapts to mobile devices

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Project team

Here our gallant team, forces of which we master new technologies and conquer the impregnable top, with a constant smile on our faces and faith in a brighter future:)

Ilya Bakhvalov

Ilya Bakhvalov

Executive Director