Landing page for Alfabank

Description of the project

Developed a landing page for a bank service "Money in your hands in 59 minutes".

Convenient form to fill customer data. Calculator for calculating loan and the term of its taking.

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Project Features

  • Billing calculator
  • Convenient cursor for adjusting loan amount and loan term
  • Simple one-button loan processing form
  • Automatically open skype in one click to start a conversation with a consultant
  • Tag search question of interest
  • Adaptive design
  • Engaged in the latest trends in Material Design
  • Modern Caching Techniques

The final design of the project


Landing with a calculator for a loan.

The presence of simple and accessible fields and drop-down menus to fill in customer information.

Customer-oriented adjustment of the amount and term of the loan.

Modern feedback forms in the form of a Skype conversation and search for questions by tags.

The website adapts to mobile devices

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