AlfaBank landing page development

Project description

A landing page for the "Swedish loan" service has been developed.

The main page contains a form for filling in data for applying for a loan.

A calculator has also been created to calculate the amount of the monthly loan payment.

The most convenient and simple UX for the user.

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Project Features

  • Payment Calculator
  • Convenient cursor for adjusting the loan amount and loan term
  • A simple one-button loan application form
  • Automatically open skype in one click to start a conversation with a consultant
  • Search form for a question of interest by tags
  • Responsive Design
  • Incorporating the latest Material Design trends
  • Modern caching techniques

The final design of the project

Project results

Landing page with a calculator for applying for a loan.

The presence of simple and accessible fields and drop-down menus for filling in information about the client.

Customer-oriented adjustment of the amount and term of the loan.

Modern feedback forms in the form of a Skype conversation and search for questions by tags.

The website adapts to mobile devices

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