Develop a one-page website for typography "LOGOS"

Project Description

"LOGOS" - a modern printing house with a wide range of activities, from the printing of business cards, calendars to magazines and catalogs.


In connection with the idea of creating a single-site, they were as follows:

  • Design a landing page of the site so as to accommodate all the benefits and achievements of the company,
  • To develop a design using blue corporate color,
  • Implement CTA-buttons for quick ordering services from the site,
  • Visually present a block with contact information.

Features of the project

  • Information about the services the company is conveniently structured on the page
  • Step by step chart work and CTA-buttons for easy ordering,
  • Informativnіy block with contacts
  • Re-order form at the bottom of the site.

Block with services

The scheme of work and Shortcuts order


Repeated CTA-block Ordering

The final design of the project

Results of the project

Team VIS-A-VIS failed to realize the idea of the client's life. The project turned out so, as planned at the start. Informative blocks on the site fully illuminate ulsugi and the advantages of working with the company "LOGOS", and CTA-buttons with call to action facilitate the ordering process for users.

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