The development of the site for holding "BBG"

The process of creating a website for a diversified holding company "BBG" was very intense and creative.

Project Description

Holding "Best Business Group" today is a reliable business partner for many Ukrainian and foreign companies. Team "VIS-A-VIS took responsibility to create a quality business resource for representation holding BBG on the Internet.


Before beginning the process of developing the accents were arranged as follows:

  • The website should reflect the essence of the holding company BBG, and show the unity of all the companies included in it,
  • The professionalism and reliability of business partners holding should be covered in the first place,
  • The project design should be modern and creative.

Project features

  • Creative modern design that highlights the strengths and professionalism BBG Holding companies belonging to him,
  • All informative pages of the website are maximaly readable and easily undertood for our users,
  • Feedback and contact holding is conveniently located and rapidly available to potential partners.

Creative business website design

Readable and compact information pages

Info section of contacts and feedback

The final design of the project

The results of the work on the project

By combining in a single project creativity,the business idea and modernity, the team "VIS-A-VIS" manage to achieve the desired result. On the website  BBG.UA all the structuralelements of the holding combines in the single unit.

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