Website development for the project "AutoVizitka"

Project Description

The project "Auto Vizitka" solves the problem of illegal parking, which prevents pedestrians or other drivers. Avtovizitku ordering online with his phone number, the driver will be able to place it on your favorite car. Passers-by on the street will be able to call and alert the driver so that he removed the cars from the wrong parking space. These cards will help protect your car from disgruntled passers-by and scratches on the hood.


Before the development team "VIS-A-VIS" were as follows:

  • Make the most user-friendly interface of the site,
  • Opportunity to order a car business card quickly (a few seconds)
  • Provide avtovizitok gallery templates ready for selection,
  • Implement a system of online payment site.

Features of the project

  • Quick order avtovizitki, you need to enter in the order only name and mobile phone number,
  • Large selection of ready-made templates avtovizitok,
  • Ability to share with a friend about the service Avtovizitka,
  • A wide range of systems for payment.

Quick order

Ready templates Tell a friend about the service

A wide range of systems for payment

The final design of the project

Results of the project

The site for the project "Auto Vizitka" turned out so, as was intended in the beginning. Easy and intuitive interface, fast speed of the order of business cards, a lot of choices for payment. All this allows the user to quickly make a decision and place an order online.

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