The website for the hotel "ALFAVITO"

The basic idea was to create a simple but at the same time a multifunctional site for the representation of hotel "Alfavito" on the Internet.

Description of the project

"Alfavito Hotel" is a modern 4-star hotel in Kiev, located near the Palace "Ukraine". Company "VIS-A-VIS" took on the challenge to creat a multifunction and convenient website, with the ability to present the full list of quality rooms and hotel services, as well as provide customers with easy and fast reservations.


The main tasks set before the start of project development:

  • Create a system of reservations (the best prices)
  • Make a multilingual website on 3 major languages (rus., Ukr., Eng.),
  • To develop a navigation for selecting and viewing rooms,
  • Create feature-rich pages for the presentation of quality and services of the hotel (restaurants, conference rooms).


  • The site introduced the ability to add and select the tariff (promotional) package
  • Easy navigation for quick selection of a suitable number you price
  • Menu for reservations with a set of characteristics (date, number of nights, number of adults / children)
  • Visual presentation of the rooms and descriptions of all the services provided for guests.

The choice of tariff packages

Quick choice of rooms at the best prices in hotel Easy navigation for your reservation on a specific date

The final design of the project

Results of the project

After a lengthy teamwork we were able to finish the job and to realize all the ideas and wishes of the customer. The site allows you to quickly make any reservation liked the room, pick up a favorable tariff packages. Now guests can get acquainted with all the services offered at the hotel's 3 languages - Ukrainian, Russian and English.

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