The website for creative project "Made My Creative"

The project "Made My Creative" gives you the opportunity to earn on our own design online and develop your talents.

Project Description

The project "Made My Creative" allows you to create unique design solutions online (on T-shirts, dishes, cars, covers for mobile phones and other things) and thus earn! You can buy a ready-made product in the online store, or create a unique design through the online Designer and put it up for sale.


The main objectives in the design of thewebsite were the  following:

  • To create a minimalistic and adaptive design of the website, with the wide functionality for users,
  • To develop an online designer to create a design online,
  • Implement an online store on the website, for the sale of ready-made design products,
  • To develop a system for receiving payment for practicing designers who want to earn on their skills,
  • To develop a system of evaluation and rating of designers on the website.

Project Features

  • Registration on the site for designers,
  • Online-constructor to create a design layout on different things (T-shirts, cups, covers),
  • Online-Shop for sale designer products users.

Register for designers

Online-constructor to create des

Tha'ts how the item card looks in the online store


The final design of the project

Results of the project

As a result of this work, we have really high-quality product has been created, which allows to develop creativity and earn their talent and interests.

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