Creating a website for the company «Exclusive crystal magnets»

Our task was to create stylish and colourful website, able to present a unique product of the company.

General description of the project

Exclusive crystal magnets presents to the market a unique product – as far as practical, and just as beautiful. We are talking about magnetic crystals from Bohemian crystal, the range of applications is very wide.


  • Develop a colorful design;
  • to demonstrate the breadth of product applications;
  • to create the desire to buy goods.

Project features

 Since the website presents a truly unique product, we have decided not to distract visitors with unnecessary details, concentrating on graphical presentations of the magnetic crystals. We have developed a spectacular design, built on contrasting colors and vivid figures.

Landing page Love story

Simple and convenient catalog

A compact basket with simple design

The final design of the project

The results of the project

Get comfortable and stylish website with a simple architecture, where the user can easily find necessary information and to appreciate the novelty.

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Project team

Here our gallant team, forces of which we master new technologies and conquer the impregnable top, with a constant smile on our faces and faith in a brighter future:)

Ilya Bakhvalov

Ilya Bakhvalov

Executive Director

Dmitry Ovcharek

Dmitry Ovcharek

Project Manager

Oleksandr Korobenko

Oleksandr Korobenko

Frontend Developer