The creation of a website for Andrey Bakhvalov

The website needs to attract and satisfy the interest of the visitor. It shoud be simple and stylish, to be credible and to answer the main questions,contain it all on one page.

General description of the project

Andrey Bakhvalov is a connoisseur and supporter of Apple technology, and in combination he's a highly qualified expert on its repair


To create a simple and understandable at first glance the website.

Project features

Given the nature of activity of the customer, we have created a website in the style of the seventh version of iOS.

Short form communication

         Condusive photo wizard

Briefly about the services


The final design of the project

The results of the projec


Bright design,simplicity of presentation,condusive photos of Andrey Bakhvalov in the centre allowed to create easy and attractive website.


I want to thank the guys for their efficiency and professionalism ! It is necessary to have not only good taste , but also a deep knowledge in other fields , to create the "right" in all respects website , even a single-page .By the way, the format of the website customers appreciated


Аndrey Bakhvalov

Private entrepreneur


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Project team

Here our gallant team, forces of which we master new technologies and conquer the impregnable top, with a constant smile on our faces and faith in a brighter future:)

Ilya Bakhvalov

Ilya Bakhvalov

Executive Director

Arthur Shablevskiy

Arthur Shablevskiy

PHP Developer