Corporate style and website redesign "Voice of the Capital"

Description of the project

The first international news radio of Ukraine. All news - 20 minutes. Hour information radio station. The opinions of politicians, experts, well-known people on the main topics of the day.




Before we had the following objectives:

  • Develop a corporate identity for the radio "Voice of the Capital"
  • Make website redesign and layout studio, on the basis of corporate identity

Features of the project

  • Unique corporate identity for the company (color scheme, logo, design studios)
  • Spend redesign of the site, with a modern approach and creativity of our designers.


Corporate colors in website design

Design studio office in the corporate style

The final design of the project

The results of the project

As a result of this work, we have a modern design for the website information portal "Voice of the Capital", which stresses we have created a corporate identity.

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Project team

Here our gallant team, forces of which we master new technologies and conquer the impregnable top, with a constant smile on our faces and faith in a brighter future:)

Eugeniy Intel

Eugeniy Intel

Web Designer

Alexander Nadtochy

Alexander Nadtochy

SEO Specialist

Denis Dmitrienko

Denis Dmitrienko

Creative Director

Ilya Bakhvalov

Ilya Bakhvalov

Executive Director