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Chatbot is a computer program that simulates intelligent conversations with people, usually through audio or text. The goal is that instead of simply searching for information on your site, the client could interact with the chat bot to find what he needs.

Chat bots are usually used to answer simple questions, including basic product information, weather forecasts or company information. However, in some applications chat bots can be combined with real people to answer questions that are more complex.

Among the advantages of a chat bot is its learning ability. He can learn from previous conversations, becoming more and more effective. The more knowledge he gets, the better he will be able to respond to the requests of future customers.

Benefits of Chatbot Development in VIS-A-VIS

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Development Stages of Chatbot

Stage 1
Researching Your Business
Stage 2
Designing Technical Specifications
Stage 3
Preparation Platform
Stage 4
Connecting messengers
Stage 5
Creating Behavior Scenarios
Stage 6
Stage 7
Full Support and Analytics

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Ordering development of Chatbot in VIS-A-VIS you get:

1. Automation of the sales process

Chatbot can sell your products or services 24/7, they actually earn money for you while you sleep.

We develop a chat bot for Viber which quickly takes orders improving your interaction with customers and saves your time without distracting from performing various management tasks.

2. Payment processing

Chat bot can successfully accept and process payments. Use the chat bot as a payment tool if the customer needs to make a payment. Chat bot can easily process the transaction.

Ordering development of a chat bot in VIS-A-VIS, you simplify your payment procedure for your buyer. In just a couple of clicks, your client gets the opportunity to pay for goods or services through a messenger on his smartphone.

3. Analysis of the client base

One of the most powerful features of a chat bot is the ability to collect information about your customers. With this information, you will be better prepared for more effective marketing for your customers in the future.

Depending on the program that you use, we program chat bot, so that you can track the purchases of your customers and analyze their habits.

You can find out which products or services they prefer (and tell them what types of products are available) and use this information for the content strategy, optimizing it for the needs of your target audience.

4. Quality control

The development of chat bots in VIS-A-VIS necessarily involves a testing phase. We conduct tests of chat bot functions using a number of techniques, including automated testing. This approach allows us to ensure high quality of the product to our clients.

5. Technical support 24/7

You can contact VIS-A-VIS support service and get answers to all your questions.

In addition, we supply each of our customers with a free user's instruction, where we describe in detail the operation principles of the chat bot and its functions.

Full Technical Support

Analytics of users behavior
Recommendations for promotion of the project
Technical Support of the project
Content Support of the project
Security and resiliency

What included in the budget

Designing users behavior
Preparation of test website
Preparation and installation of management system
Creating custom scripts
Launching official Chatbots
Guaranteed error correction caused by our fault

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Сергей Харченко

Collaborating with VIS-A-VIS is extremely comfortable, you can feel professionalism on every stage of working process. Especially when it comes to an adequate responses to our demands and high-speed feedback. Eventually the results  justified our expectations. We are very grateful to the entire VIS-A-VIS team and wish them all the best.

Sergey Kharchenko

Project manager of Internet Media

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