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Mobile Internet has become the latest frontier in the development of mobile websites, as more and more users regularly access the Internet via smartphones, such as the iPhone, Android and other powerful handheld devices. In fact, the growing use of mobile Internet is now ahead of traditional desktop computers as the most commonly used platform of digital devices.

There are several methods for developing mobile websites, and the most appropriate approach will depend on the specific needs of your organization; In many cases it makes sense to have one website that fully responds to scaling in all devices (from desktops, to tablet PCs and handheld computers); In other cases, you may need a separate mobile site that will be managed independently.

Regardless of the scenario, we can help you evaluate the options and make a successful transition to the mobile version.

Advantages of Developing mobile website in VIS-A-VIS

Since 2003
Team of 35
400+ projects
rating CMS Magazine
Leader of the industry

Development Stages of Mobile Website

Stage 1
Researching Your Business
Stage 2
Designing Technical Specifications
Stage 3
Stage 4
Web design
Stage 5
Creating Adaptive Layouts
Stage 6
Stage 7
Filling content
Stage 8
Pre-launch Testing
Stage 9
Launching Mobile Website
Stage 10
Setting up ad campaigns
Stage 11
Full technical support

Working group

Project Team for each mobile website

  • Project
  • Specification
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design
  • HTML / CSS layout
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Launch of the project

Technologies that we use to create Mobile websites

Content management system Vi-Site CMF 4.0

Programming language PHP7
PHP Framework: Laravel 5 (№1 in the world
Databases: MySQL 5.5, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Client technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, Node.js
HTML Framework: Foundation 5
JS Framework: jQuery
Caching technologies: Memcached, Nginx

Ordering development of mobile website in VIS-À-VIS you receive:

1. Improved user interface

Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices. Studies on the usability of mobile websites show that mobile websites optimize performance and increase user satisfaction.

A mobile website allows you to stand out from the competitors - if your site does not look good on the smartphone, users will move on to what looks good. The mobile website ensures that you and not your competitors will attract the attention of visitors while you have them.

2. Portability

Access to the mobile website can be obtained anywhere and at any time. This level of constant communication provides an unprecedented opportunity for communication with the target audience.

Mobile websites are specifically designed for mobile standards and optimal download speeds, which means less waiting and more views.

3. Attracting customers

Mobile website allows you to attract users right on spot. A large majority of your potential customers use the location technology that connects them to your website when they are in close proximity.

4. SEO potential and new opportunities for advertising

The website adapted for mobile devices provides improved ratings for mobile search engines such as Google and Yahoo and also allows them to be placed in mobile and local directories.

Mobile advertising is growing rapidly providing brand new opportunities in reaching the target audience. If your organization uses Google AdWords or any other similar services, your ads may appear on mobile lists.

5. Technical support 24/7

VIS-À-VIS provides stable LAMP and web site hosting with a 99% guarantee of uptime. No more system resources for sharing with unknown objects (shared hosting plan) - we host only the selected client group for secure and stable environment.

Data, files and code page of your website will be copied to several locations, to ensure the stable operation of the resource.

VIS-À-VIS provides troubleshooting that affects the functionality, appearance or performance of the site, and will be responsible for ensuring that the content management system of the website is updated and has proper plug-ins to support the functionality and reliable operation of the website.

Full Technical Support

Analytics of users behavior
Recommendations for promotion of the project
Technical Support of the project
Content Support of the project
Security and resiliency

What is included in the budget

Designing and Users Behavior
Preparation of the test website
Design of mobile website
Adaptive layout for all devices
Help in filling content
Launch on official domain
Guaranteed error correction caused by our fault

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Егор Анчишкин

We cooperated with the VIS-A-VIS to develop an interface for our website Work was comfortable and we enjoyed it. We felt professional approach, attention to work and high speed in performing tasks. And the most important, we've become good friends.

Egor Anchishkin


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