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Why do you need create website for your business?

The business card website is the suitable solution for offline companies, which goal is to attract new customers and increase the target audience. The purpose of creating such site is to inform your potential customer as much as possible about the sphere of activity of the company, its products and services.

A well-designed business card website is able to significantly increase sales growth providing the owner of the business with large amount of customers.

Among the advantages of a site of this type: high speed of development, ease of operation, maximum page speed.

Benefits of developing business card
website in VIS-A-VIS

Since 2003
Team of 35
400+ projects
rating CMS Magazine
Leader of the industry

Development Stages of Business Card Website

Stage 0
Researching Your Business
Stage 1
Designing Technical Specifications
Stage 2
Stage 3
Web design
Stage 4
Creating Adaptive Layouts
Stage 5
Stage 6
Filling Your Business card website with Content
Stage 7
Pre-launch Testing
Stage 8
Launching business card website
Stage 9
Basic SEO settings
Stage 10
Full technical support

Working group

Project Team for each business card website (Project)

  • Project
  • Specification
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design
  • HTML / CSS layout
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Launch of the project

Technologies that we use to create business card websites

Content management system Vi-Site CMF 4.0

Programming language PHP7
PHP Framework: Laravel 5 (№1 in the world)
Databases: MySQL 5.5, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Client technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, Node.js
HTML Framework: Foundation 5
JS Framework: jQuery
Caching technologies: Memcached, Nginx

Ordering a business card website in VIS-À-VIS you get:

1. Unique corporate design

When creating a website design for a business card, we are guided by the following principles: corporate identity, attractive and friendly interface, creating potential for search engine optimization. As a result of this approach, our client receives a unique, selling website design with convenient navigation, high quality images and competently built marketing potential.

2. Convenience of administration

One of the main advantages the client receives is a simple and convenient tool for managing the content of the site. We have developed our unique Vi-Site CMS engine, which allows you to flexibly and dynamically configure the website content. The entire structure of the business card website is represented as a tree structured form with files and folders.

3. High speed of loading pages

The key criterion for the qualitative development of a business card website is high page speed of load. This indicator is provided by optimizing the code and using special technologies for caching pages. The user no longer has to wait for the images or video files to load. Loading occurs in a second.

4. SEO settings

Competent development of the business card website begins with a semantic, valid code and the correct structure of the sections. If these conditions are not met, all the numerous (internal and external) SEO activities will not be effective. We conduct development taking into account all SEO requirements, which allows us to provide client sites a quick enter to the top search engines and successful sales.

5. Security and technical support

We solve all technical issues related to the administration and security of client sites: hosting services, security certificates, monitoring and regular data backup, protection from DDos attacks. To each client, we provide a user guide, where we describe in details all the functionality of the content management system of the website. If necessary, you can also contact VIS-A-VIS support service and get answers to all your questions.

Promotion of business card website after launch

After launch of website very important stage is comprehensive promotion of the project both on the Internet and offline

Display Ads
Contextual advertising in search engines
PR - materials
E-mail marketing
Viral marketing
Targeted advertising

Full technical support business card website

Analytics of user behavior
Recommendations for promotion of website
Technical support of the project
Content support of the project
Security and resiliency

What is included in the budget

Interface design and study of user behavior scenarios
Development of project documentation and preparation of a test site
Web Design
Adaptive layout for desktops, smartphones and tablets
Help with content
Basic setting for search engines (SEO)
Training client's employees
Running on the official domain and recommendations for choosing hosting
Guaranteed correcting errors occurred due to our fault

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Сергей Харченко

Collaborating with VIS-A-VIS is extremely comfortable, you can feel professionalism on every stage of working process. Especially when it comes to an adequate responses to our demands and high-speed feedback. Eventually the results  justified our expectations. We are very grateful to the entire VIS-A-VIS team and wish them all the best.

Sergey Kharchenko

Project manager of Internet Media

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