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Technical support of the site is a continuous process of monitoring the high-quality and high-grade work of the site, as well as its accessibility to users and providing protection from hacking.

Considering the continuous development of technologies, new functions are emerging to convey important information to users.

Site maintenance helps to introduce these innovations into the business in time and thus "keep pace with the times".

Advantages of technical support of the website in VIS-A-VIS

since 2003
Team 35
400+ projects
in the CMS Magazine Rating
Industry leader

Working group

For technical support of the sites a group of specialists is formed

Technologies that we use for support of websites

Content management system Vi-Site CMF 4.0

Programming language PHP7
PHP Framework: Laravel 5 (№1 in the world)
Databases: MySQL 5.5, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Client technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, Node.js
HTML Framework: Foundation 5
JS Framework: jQuery
Caching technologies: Memcached, Nginx

Ordering the technical support of the website in VIS-À-VIS you will receive:

1. Continuous support of the high-quality functioning of the site

A site is a complex structure of objects that needs constant support of life.

VIS-À-VIS provides such services. Thanks to the site’s technical support, you will never have problems with providing information to customers, feedback and everything that works successfully on the site.

2. Control over modern trends in technology development

Our team always follows modern technologies and their updating on the technological market of the world.

For this reason, our customers are the first to receive all the latest technologies to simplify the relationship with your customers. All the most relevant information we use for the development and improvement of your sites and their functionality.

3. Monitoring the functioning of the site

Thanks to the support of the site, we constantly follow the course of events. If any inaccuracy is revealed, it is our responsibility to immediately fix the problem.

You can be calm for your website, when the VIS-À-VIS company is engaged in supporting the website.

4. Updating content as needed

Thanks to the convenient management of all information on the site (CMS), the support and development of sites becomes a convenient and simple action.

You can just throw off pictures, video, text and more, and we'll add everything we need in the shortest possible time, and remove the extra.

After all, it's not a secret that the information of the company is updated with great speed, just as quickly the information should be updated on the site, because the website is a convenient service for communication with potential customers.

5. Monitoring Internet environment and adjusting the site to its terms

The Internet is a volatile environment and over time the positions reached can change.

In order to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the functionality of the site and the modern requirements of the Internet, we provide technical support services for the sites.

The main directions of technical support sites in the company VIS-A-VIS

Analytics of users behavior
Recommendations for development
Technical support
Content support
Security and resiliency

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Алеся Муджири

We started cooperation with VIS-A-VIS after the tender in spring of 2013. Since that moment we've become partners on many issues. But I want to hightlight the development of mobile application for our website, I guess this moment was crucial and our hearts were conquered.

Here work only professionals capable to solve different complex tasks. "Sushiya" expresses its gratitude for successfuly implemented application and  recommends VIS-A-VIS as a long-term partner.

Alesya Mujiri

Manager of Public Relations at Sushiya

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