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In the development of products and services, website testing (QA) is a systematic process to verify whether a developed product or service meets certain requirements.

Being an integral part of product quality assurance, website testing is necessary to ensure that the developed software works well, taking into account all the requirements and needs of the user.

Like any other complex process, website testing consists of different stages.

Advantages of website testing in VIS-A-VIS

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Stages of website testing

Stage 1
Creating a test plan
Stage 2
Stage 3
Writing test cases
Stage 4
Test development
Stage 5
Execution of test scripts
Stage 6
Bug fixing (errors)
Stage 7
Delivering the product to the end user

Working group

For each project a team of specialists is formed

  • Project Manager
  • System Engineer
  • Tester

We carry out full website testing, which includes:

1. Usability testing

Depending on the complexity of the product, we use the following techniques:

  • Comparative usability testing. Used to compare the usability of one website to another or to compare two designs in order to determine which one provides the best user interface.
  • Usability evaluation testing. This is a check for both new or updated services before and after the launch. This usability test introduces users into a new design to make sure that it is intuitive and provides a positive user experience. The purpose of the assessment is to identify and correct any potential problems before launching the product.

2. Website load testing

Load website testing is performed to determine the behavior of the system in both normal and peak conditions.

This helps to determine the maximum performance of the application, as well as any bottlenecks and determine which element causes degradation. For example, if the number of users increases, how many resources the processor will consume and what the server response time is.

The main task of the load testing is to determine the maximum amount of work that the system can handle without significantly reducing its performance.

3. Testing website security

To identify the vulnerabilities of a web resource and to determine whether its data and resources are protected from possible attacks, security testing is conducted.

Focused areas:

  • Network security - search for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure.
  • Protection of system software. This includes assessing the weaknesses in the various programs (operating system, database system and other programs).
  • Protection on the client side.
  • Security on the server side.

What is included in the budget

Website audit
Development of project documentation
Preparation of the test website
Testing the project
Detailed report on the results of testing

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Алеся Муджири

We started cooperation with VIS-A-VIS after the tender in spring of 2013. Since that moment we've become partners on many issues. But I want to hightlight the development of mobile application for our website, I guess this moment was crucial and our hearts were conquered.

Here work only professionals capable to solve different complex tasks. "Sushiya" expresses its gratitude for successfuly implemented application and  recommends VIS-A-VIS as a long-term partner.

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