Who needs a website "for show" and "scorched" the advertising budget?

Our goal is to increase Your profit


Before any action, we delve into the essence of Your business processes.


Thanks to the information you have gathered we understand what your strengths and weaknesses.

Now we know who your customers are and what they want, what they already offer in the market and what they have to offer You, and how to communicate effectively.


Develop and agree the strategy, structure and work procedure produced a clear plan of action:

If necessary, corporate identity and promotional materials

Forming a content strategy

The project is being developed

  • Form workgroup
  • Make portraits CA
  • Develop scenarios of user behavior on the future website
  • Develop the project documentation (technical specification and schedule of works)
  • Write the content, draw / photograph / buy image
  • Create and test a working prototype of the interface
  • Design
  • Plug the CMS and develop custom software modules
  • Test and debug the product
  • Optimize for search engines
  • Plug-in analysis services
  • Customizable and administer the server
  • Run the project on the official domain

Prepare advertising campaign


After the start of all activities we are closely monitoring the indicators and analyze the results