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Usability audit of the website makes it possible to identify problematic areas where it is difficult for the user to interact with the site and find the answer to his question.

To date, a large number of resources have been developed with similar services and products.

When commodity competition goes into the background, because the same product or service can be purchased in many stores, the quality guidelines for usability of the site come to the fore. Who is easier and faster to find the desired product and to place an order, he and eventually wins.

In order for the site to be competitive in the market, it is necessary to control the convenience of its use, since complexities can only detach potential buyers.

To ordering usability audit in VIS-À-VIS you get:

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Stages of usability audit

Stage 1
Getting to know your business
Stage 2
Audit your website and competitor sites
Stage 3
Understanding problems and finding solutions
Stage 4
Formation of technical specifications

Working group

To conduct usability audit a team of specialists is formed

  • Project Manager
  • Internet Marketer
  • Art Director
  • UI/UX Designer

By ordering usability audit of the website in VIS-À-VIS you get:

1. Checking the usability of the site and its functionality

When a site already exists, it can and must be made more qualitative.

For this purpose, an audit of usability is carried out. This means that you will be shown all the difficulties that users may encounter on the site at the time of use, a report will be made after the research and recommendations for improving the use.

2. Detailed report on the work performed and the errors found/h3>

Usability testing of the site provides information on inaccuracies and probable difficulties for users.

The testing is carried out by professionals who first analyze the subject area and then conduct usability audits based on the knowledge gained.

3. Audit of competitor websites

Today, a large number of companies have appeared that have also created their own site and offer similar products and services.

Our goal is to make your site the best in the industry.

For this, VIS-À-VIS offers audit of competitive sites. We are looking for and compare all useful features and innovations in the industry, which can be useful for simplifying the relationship with customers, and we offer you the most necessary for implementation on the website.

4. Methods of preventing possible errors

If there is an idea of improving the site, then all possible problems are better to discuss and get around in advance.

Such an opportunity is provided by analyzing and designing the planned functionality of the tested site.

5. Support the usability of the site in the subsequent stages of development

Having tested the site one day, our experts will already be familiar with the seven features and specifics.

Accordingly, further support for quality usability will be a simple task that will only bring positive results.

What is included in the budget?

Audit your site and competitors
Development of project documentation and preparation of a test site
Creation of a report and technical task on the elimination of problems

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