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For today, web design has become an important factor in business promotion. Billboards and printed ads are a good source of promotion for your product, but people today prefer to stay at home and search the Internet for what they need. A prospective client will check your site and compare it with others before making a decision about cooperation. Therefore, it is important to understand that the design of the site is the face of your company on the Internet. In fact, you communicate with your potential customers through a web site, and bad communication (poor website design) leads to a loss of client and income.

Knowing how important the role of web design is for your business success, you also realize that you need to cooperate with a company that is not only cost effective, but also reliable and provides high-quality service.

You can find a lot of web design companies in your field and order a website design, but you need to find the best and the most reliable one for your project. One of the companies that you could trust the future of your business and website design is VIS-À-VIS digital agency.

Advantages of creating website design in VIS-A-VIS

Since 2003
Team of 35
400+ projects
rating CMS Magazine
Leader of the industry

Stages of creating website design

Stage 1
Getting to know your business
Stage 2
Audit your website and competitor websites
Stage 3
Understanding problems and finding solutions
Stage 4
Formation of technical specifications
Stage 5
Stage 6
Development concept of web-design
Stage 7
Discussion of prototypes and concepts
Stage 8
Development web-design
Stage 9
Adaptive layout
Stage 10

Working group

Under each design project a group of specialists is formed

  • Project Manager
  • Internet marketer
  • Art Director
  • UI/UX designer
  • Creative designer
  • Technical designer
  • HTML/CSS developer
  • Tester

Technologies that we use when creating a website design:

Adobe Photoshop
Client technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JavaScript, Node.js
HTML framework: Foundation 5
JS framework: jQuery

Ordering wed-design in VIS-À-VIS you get:

1. Simple and intuitive web design

Despite the fact that the appearance of the website is important, most visitors do not go there to assess how attractive web design is. Instead, they come to your website to perform some kind of action or to find some specific information.

Adding unnecessary design elements (elements that do not fulfill any functional purpose) will only make it difficult for visitors to interact with your website.

Therefore, in terms of usability and UX, web design should be as simple as possible.

2. Visual hierarchy

Web design with the right visual hierarchy means organizing the elements of the website in such a way that visitors naturally seek first to the most important elements.

The goal is to get visitors to perform the desired action, but in such a way that the user feels naturally and at ease.

3. Navigation capability

The presence of intuitive navigation on your site is crucial. It is necessary to make the process of finding information on the website as simple as possible, so that visitors can find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Ideally, the user should be able to come to your website without thinking about where he should click on - the transition from point A to point B should be as painless as possible.

4. The Sequence

Web design and overall appearance of your site should be consistent across all the pages.

Backgrounds, color schemes, fonts and even the style of your corporate letters are areas where consistency can have a positive impact on usability and UX.

5. Availability

In order to provide a truly wonderful user interface, your website must be compatible with the various devices (and operating systems and browsers) that your visitors use.

At a high level, this means investing in a website structure that has high flexibility, for example, adaptive web design, when the website content is automatically changed and shuffled to match the size of the device that the visitor uses.

What is included in the budget

Audit your website and competitors
Interface design
Developing user behavior scenarios
Development of project documentation
Preparation of the test website
Design standard pages
Adaptive layout for desktops, smartphones and tablets
Testing of layouts

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